Sunday, July 13, 2014

Road Trip on a Budget

I mentioned back in April that my aunt and uncle came to Arizona and that we had brought up the idea of taking a road trip with the kids.  Every year for the 4th of July my dad's family meets up at their lake house in Georgia on Lake Oconee.  Well-- We did a little research on i10, found some things that we wanted to see along the route and different places to stay.  We came up with a money amount that we would need in order to make it 2 weeks on the road including food, travel, hotels, and everything we wanted to see.  We planned our road trip date from June 26th.  I spent so much time looking at travel tips online, things to bring and places to stop.  Thanks Pinterest!!  One thing that I really liked, was to pack a reusable shopping bag full of overnight clothes for each hotel stay.

After 2+ months of planning, it was finally time to go!  Our first overnight stop was Fort Stockton, TX.  We already had hotel reservations so that was our goal.  Between Arizona and Texas is New Mexico.

& New Mexico, I think you need a new Welcome sign, this one is pretty beat up!

Jakey was with us too, but he was sleeping in his car seat.

We pulled over at a truck stop and for whatever reason, we thought it would be fun to take a picture of all of us in cowboy hats.  Except having a family of 5, we don't always fit in for selfies!

Nothing too exciting happened on our first day.. Eventually we did make it into Texas.

We spent over 8 hours driving in the car and by the time we got to Texas it was late.  The drive was a little boring... dirt, and more dirt.. just like we see every day.  There was some cactus too.

After a very long day of sitting in the car, we finally made it to Fort Stockton and found out hotel.  Our first hotel wasn't the greatest.  I searched online to find a decent hotel at an okay price that had free breakfast.  For paying $100, it definitely didn't live up to it's standards.  

I wanted to write a little more but the kids are getting into everything.. I'll get back on later to tell about our next few days!

Day one- two state lines crossed and 8+ hours in the car.