Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jake Tyler- 3 months

I named this post "Jake Tyler- 3 months" & my baby will be 4 months old in just FIVE days! Insane. I am so late posting his 3 month pictures and talking about him. Bad mommy. Jakey turned 3 months old on March 30th.  I wanted some pictures of him with Easter eggs since Easter was just a week away.  I know he's my baby, but I think he's just absolutely perfect.

He is starting to become so sweet.  As you all know, weeks 2-5 were rough with his screaming and crying from his milk allergy.  I have been dairy free for almost 3 months now!  I miss ice cream and pizza, but I do it for my baby. 

His second month of life was better than his first.  It took us a short while to learn what he wants and when he wants it.  He doesn't like wet diapers and he doesn't like to be hungry or sleepy.  Change him when he's wet, feed him when he's hungry, swaddle him when he's sleepy and he's good to go.

For a little while I was feeling so guilty, I felt like I was spending most of my time with him just trying to make him happy.  Now I spend my time enjoying him, snuggling him, singing to him and talking to him.  It feels a lot better to enjoy him instead of always trying to fix what's wrong.

He's mastered giggling and definitely smiling.  He's pretty much always happy now :)  In the mornings he wakes up making a bunch of noise and just wiggling around instead of crying.  I peek my head over into his bassinet and he gets the biggest smile.  He smiles anytime he's sees us.  He kicks his little legs in the air and just loves looking at Tim  & I.

He loves sitting on the couch with us.  Tim always tucks his blanket into the couch and lets him sit up.  He rolls over as of 4/9.  Just 3 months and 10 days old.  He actually likes tummy time.  We practice it at night after bath time and he just hangs out for a while on his tummy, holding his head up and looking around.   He's always sticking his tongue out or shoving his hand in his mouth.  Always drooling- I need to pull out the baby bibs and put them on him.  He also loves bath time with Ryan.

Jake does not like having a wet diaper.  Doesn't like falling asleep without a blanket touching his face. I still swaddle him.  He pretty much always has a blanket.  He doesn't like sitting in his car seat for long periods of time.  Ryan and I used to shop allll the time.  Jake likes staying home!

& He's absolutely perfect!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

We stayed out super late the night before Easter, but the Easter bunny still did come!  Ryan was a little worried he might not come, but he did.  The night before, we were at the fair until 11:00pm, by the time we got home, showered, and got ready for bed it was already midnight when Ryan went to sleep.  You think he would have been a grump.  Nope, he was running around happily playing with Daddy and Grandma.  Jake and I woke up on Easter morning around 9:30.  Ryan slept until 12:30pm.  Geez.  He loves sleep like his momma.

The Easter bunny only brought snacks for the baby.  Jake won't be eating any of his stuff for about another 3-4 months, good thing it can sit in the cabinet that long.  Ryan already ate most of his.  He got a lot of those little fruit pouches from Gerber.  He loves them but geez- $1.52 for some blended up fruit??  Tim & I actually just bought a bunch of strawberries, bananas and blackberries to make Ryan some smoothies.

This picture is blurry but I love it anyways.  Story of my life.  One baby in one arm and one baby in the other :)

Jakey got a new blanket right before we left.  Grandma R got him a quilt and matching burp cloth with his name and birthday embroided in them.  I love it.  He loves his blankies.  &&& I made Tim take this picture because it was Jake's first time grabbing onto something, his sucker :)  The first time Ryan grabbed onto something it was his burp cloth at Target!


Steven, Rebecca, Aiden and Rian came over in the afternoon before dinner and so did my niece, Haley.  Tim went outside to hide all the eggs.  We had tooons of Easter eggs.  He did a great job hiding them, they were in the house, front yard, side of the house and back yard.  The kids loved it.


The kids had fun & I think Tim, Rebecca, and I had just as much fun watching them.

My parents spend the early afternoon cooking dinner so we could eat at 4. I have to say, that my parents are a m a z i n g. I could never ask for better parents. They prove this to me again and again and again.. I have posted in here that I am eating dairy free for my sweet little Jakey because he has a milk protein allergy. Well- my mom had bought me soy milk, dairy free butter and lactose free cheese. Little did she know that the cheese still had the milk protein in it, but it's the thought that counts :) On Easter my mom made me my own little serving of mashed potatoes made with soy milk and my dad made me home made rolls made out of soy milk and dairy free butter. I'm drooling over those rolls just thinking about them. mmm...
The dinner was delicious!
Great Grandma M, So happy my kids have great grandparents!
Cousin Haley!

& My family <3  Excuse the silly faces from the babies. 

That night Mom, Haley, Tim, Ryan, Jake & I went to the fair.  This time it was about Haley riding the rides.  I went on a few with her, Tim went on one and so did my mom.  Haha- My mom's face going on the ride was priceless- oh the things she does to make her granddaughter happy.  Ryan went on a couple of rides and loved it.

Another holiday to add to the books!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

'Twas The Night Before Easter

I seem to have a lot of Easter related posts.  I promise after this one there is only one more left.  Then they are all done!

I had to add this picture in here too.  When we were at my mom's house I was closing the door to our bedroom and Ryan started crying.  His little fingers were in the crack and I started closing the door on his fingers.  =(  I felt so sad and he wouldn't stop crying so I bribbed him with Grandma's junk food pantry. Dorritos!  I don't buy much junk so Ryan doesn't get chips.  He was loving the dorritos though and he took a little break to see what else was in there.

& this one too because he's just getting so big.  When did he get big enough for a booster seat and eating dinner at the table?

...  Continuing my last post.

After the egg hunt at the park we went back home to dye Easter eggs!  Ryan didn't dye eggs last year so this was his first time.  Grandma got everything set up for Ryan.

He waited so patiently while Grandma got the dyes ready. 

More, please!

Jakey finally woke up.  He wanted to join in on the fun.

My mom gave the eggs to Ryan and held the cups in front of them. One by one, he dropped all the eggs in the cups.  We sat at the table for quite a while, we had 2 dozen eggs to dye.  Ryan sat at the table the entire time.  He was watching and just taking it all in.

My mom was telling us how my Grandpa always used to make polka dot eggs with a tooth pick.  Mom got out the tooth picks and here's Tim making a pretty polka dot egg. 

The next on our agenda was an egg hunt (okay, lots of egg hunts, I know) at the mall there.  It wasn't an egg hunt at all.  It was one little store that had an egg tree and kids waited in line to choose one egg from the egg tree.  Lame.  Oh well.  We drove over there so we were going to wait in line so Ryan could choose an egg.  He was reaching for a pink egg that had "xoxo" written all over it.  Tim tried to lean him towards a different egg.  Nope, Ryan wanted the pink one. 

It had a raffle ticket inside which means that Ryan won his very first Easter basket :)

We got home, Ryan took his nap.  Kim & Brian came over.  I miss her =(  She was my roommate all through out college.  She's much more than that too.  She is an amazing person, an amazing friend.  It was nice to see her.  That night my dad made hamburgers and hot dogs.  After dinner we all went to the fair.  Mom, Dad, Tim, Ryan, Jake and I.  We met Rebecca, Steven, Aiden, Rian, Rebecca's parents and her little sister.  It was a big crowd, but a nice one too.

I have been waiting since last year to take Ryan to the fair with Aiden & Rian!!  Watching them together makes me so happy.  Look how cute they are on all the rides!

Ryan loved the petting zoo.  We had him in there for quite a while.  They were selling food for the animals for $1 a cup.  We bought two of them and Ryan fed all the animals.  He is so cute.

He was not a fan of the carousel.  I took him on one last summer and he didn't like it then either.  Jakey fell asleep around 9 or so.  Ryan was so good the entire time we were there.  We stayed until about 11:00 pm.  3 hours past his bed time.  He is such a good boy.  I'm happy that my parents stayed out that late too, especially my dad because he goes to bed the same time Ryan does.

What would we do without cameras?  Memories are good to have, but pictures help bring the memories to life.  & Thanks to mom & dad, Rebecca & the babies for making this day so much fun!