Thursday, April 19, 2012

'Twas The Night Before Easter

I seem to have a lot of Easter related posts.  I promise after this one there is only one more left.  Then they are all done!

I had to add this picture in here too.  When we were at my mom's house I was closing the door to our bedroom and Ryan started crying.  His little fingers were in the crack and I started closing the door on his fingers.  =(  I felt so sad and he wouldn't stop crying so I bribbed him with Grandma's junk food pantry. Dorritos!  I don't buy much junk so Ryan doesn't get chips.  He was loving the dorritos though and he took a little break to see what else was in there.

& this one too because he's just getting so big.  When did he get big enough for a booster seat and eating dinner at the table?

...  Continuing my last post.

After the egg hunt at the park we went back home to dye Easter eggs!  Ryan didn't dye eggs last year so this was his first time.  Grandma got everything set up for Ryan.

He waited so patiently while Grandma got the dyes ready. 

More, please!

Jakey finally woke up.  He wanted to join in on the fun.

My mom gave the eggs to Ryan and held the cups in front of them. One by one, he dropped all the eggs in the cups.  We sat at the table for quite a while, we had 2 dozen eggs to dye.  Ryan sat at the table the entire time.  He was watching and just taking it all in.

My mom was telling us how my Grandpa always used to make polka dot eggs with a tooth pick.  Mom got out the tooth picks and here's Tim making a pretty polka dot egg. 

The next on our agenda was an egg hunt (okay, lots of egg hunts, I know) at the mall there.  It wasn't an egg hunt at all.  It was one little store that had an egg tree and kids waited in line to choose one egg from the egg tree.  Lame.  Oh well.  We drove over there so we were going to wait in line so Ryan could choose an egg.  He was reaching for a pink egg that had "xoxo" written all over it.  Tim tried to lean him towards a different egg.  Nope, Ryan wanted the pink one. 

It had a raffle ticket inside which means that Ryan won his very first Easter basket :)

We got home, Ryan took his nap.  Kim & Brian came over.  I miss her =(  She was my roommate all through out college.  She's much more than that too.  She is an amazing person, an amazing friend.  It was nice to see her.  That night my dad made hamburgers and hot dogs.  After dinner we all went to the fair.  Mom, Dad, Tim, Ryan, Jake and I.  We met Rebecca, Steven, Aiden, Rian, Rebecca's parents and her little sister.  It was a big crowd, but a nice one too.

I have been waiting since last year to take Ryan to the fair with Aiden & Rian!!  Watching them together makes me so happy.  Look how cute they are on all the rides!

Ryan loved the petting zoo.  We had him in there for quite a while.  They were selling food for the animals for $1 a cup.  We bought two of them and Ryan fed all the animals.  He is so cute.

He was not a fan of the carousel.  I took him on one last summer and he didn't like it then either.  Jakey fell asleep around 9 or so.  Ryan was so good the entire time we were there.  We stayed until about 11:00 pm.  3 hours past his bed time.  He is such a good boy.  I'm happy that my parents stayed out that late too, especially my dad because he goes to bed the same time Ryan does.

What would we do without cameras?  Memories are good to have, but pictures help bring the memories to life.  & Thanks to mom & dad, Rebecca & the babies for making this day so much fun!

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