Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[4.6.12 & 4.7.12]

Every other year we go to Yuma for Easter.  The years we don't go, Elyse is in town with us and my parents and grandparents come to town to spend the Easter with us.  This year, we went to Yuma.  We drove up there on Thursday night after Tim and I were done working.  Jake was a sweet little baby, Ryan was so tired and a little whiney.  Poor baby.  I always feel bad when the kids are whiney in the car, they would rather be at home playing or sleeping!  We got there a little after midnight.  We said hi to my mom who was sleeping on the couch waiting for us, and then went straight to bed.

The next afternoon Rebecca came over with Aiden & Rian!!  I miss them so much when I can't see them and we haven't seen them snce Thanksgiving weekend.  Rebecca & I have been best friends since 2000 and we used to talk about our future babies playing together.  <3  I love watching them play together.  It makes me SO happy.  I could watch them play allll day long.

They were playing outside of Grandma's house.  Their next door neighber has dogs and the kids kept running over to the dogs, laugh, and run away.  Repeat. Repeat.  Aiden runs 3 times faster than Ryan does, Ryan tried so hard to keep up.  I don't think he minded, he just had fun laughing and running around.

This next picture could quite possibly be my favorite pictures! <3

After peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and canteloupe, Rebecca took the kids home for a nap.  Ryan doesn't always do naps well at other places so we went shopping.  I got Ryan some new clothes at Old Navy, Tim got some flip flops since I forgot his at home.  We went to Target for Easter goodies.  Then we went to take Ryan for a haircut.  He acutally fell asleep in the car!  I thought he would wake up, but he didn't.  He slept through the entire hair cut while I held his head up.  Too bad I didn't have a camera with me. 

The next day we had plans to go to 2 Easter egg hunts.  The first one, we were a little late so we skipped it.  The second one was at a park.  There were games, hotdogs, and popcorn.  I will admit that this is the day I started liking hotdogs.  Slightly. Haha.  I haven't liked hotdogs since I was a kid and hotdogs sure did sound good this day.

This picture makes me laugh.  We were taking pictures when the hunt began, my mom was screaming at us from across the park to hurry up.  Rebecca and I raced with the kids to get them in line and we stuck them right in front.  Can you spot our babies??

Trying to get a picture of 3 toddlers looking is unlikely.  A picture of 3 toddlers smiling is impossible!

Aiden was smart enough to try and grab as many eggs as possible.  Rian & Rian wanted to pick up the jelly beans off of the ground.  They would get an egg and open it before getting another one. 

Another sweet memory to add to my many memories of life as a mommy.


  1. I laughed a lot reading this! Its fun when we're all together! I love the last picture, Ryan checking out Ri's goodies.

  2. How fun! They are all so cute!!