Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Ramblings

Let's see if I can talk about (or remember) all of the things that happened in April!!  Okay so besides, soccer, Yuma,  Sea World, the fair, and Easter.. we also went to the Davis Monthan Air Show.  We took the kids two years ago, it only comes every other year.  For whatever reason, that day was freezing cold and Jake was just an itty bitty baby.  We literally walked in, walked for a few minutes, and left because it was too cold for the boys to be out.

We waited for what seemed like forever, but the boys got to tour a super huge airplane and Ryan and Jake got to sit in cockpit and test out the pilots chair.  Check out the smile on Ryan?  He loved it!!

The boys also had their semi annual dentist check ups.  This is Ryan's fourth and Jake's second.. I think.  I can't keep up anymore.  The dental hygienist wanted to take x-rays of Ryan's teeth!  I couldn't get over how cute he was sitting in the chair getting x-rays.  Or not getting x-rays, Ryan had a hard time biting onto that thing that you're supposed to bite onto and she couldn't quite get the pictures like she needed to so she skipped that.

Jakey still isn't too nice to the dentist.  He doesn't want to show him his teeth or open his mouth.  Instead he stares and me and gives me the evil eye asking me to come rescue him.

But they got their balloons and new tooth brushes and stickers and were just as happy as ever.  See ya again in 6 months, dentist!

The boys still did gym class.  If your little one ins't in gym class- get them in!  The boys love it and the place is huge with so much fun stuff for them to do.  

Ryan still loves learning...

& Jakey still loves snuggling...

Now off to make some memories in May!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

As I am writing this post it is September 22, 2014.  I logged onto blogger today and realized that it's been over 5 months since I updated.  So, I need to make a better effort before I get so far behind!  This weekend, I finally uploaded all of my iPhone pictures to my iMac to make room since my phone is always full.  I transferred 2,863 photos.  I've had my phone since the end of February 2013.. so that's 19 months worth of  pictures and I'm trying to figure out how the heck I have so many pictures. & then I came here to uploaded pictures and I have a million pictures from just Easter.  I just take too many pictures, period.  At least I won't regret not having pictures of the babies.

Now my phone only has 4 pictures on there and I need to fill it with lots of pictures of Ryan and Jake.    Anyways...

Ever since Ryan's first Easter, I've taken them to an Easter egg hunt at a church close by our house.  They have egg hunts, cotton candy, popcorn, jumping castles and games.  Last year, it was Jake's first Easter egg hunt since he was only 4 months old his first Easter.  Well- after the Easter egg hunt, Tim had to leave because he was photographing a wedding that day.  He took my camera and let his assistant use my camera... and my memory card... which never got returned back to me... the memory card with pictures from Jake's first Easter egg hunt.

I get upset just thinking about that memory card.  I probably cried when it actually happened too.  I am pretty crazy when it comes to pictures of my kids.. Not only do I take too many, but I also have a hard time deleting them.  By hard time, I mean I don't delete them ever.  I still have memory cards with pictures of Ryan as a baby.  Tim thinks I'm crazy.  Phone, memory cards, photo bucket, blogger, Facebook, and printed out hard copies just aren't enough! haha.  

Deleting my pictures the other day off my phone was a pretty big step for me.  But at least now I have 9gb of space to take more pictures of these cute kids I have.   Okay, back to the purpose of my post.  I  am going to back date this to show up in April's posts.

This year I took the kids to the egg hunt again, I took lots of pictures and I didn't lose any of them.  :)

Jakey enjoyed the cotton candy the most.  He's too cute.  Momma makes them eat apples and grapes for snacks so cotton candy is super special!

We came home and got ready for some egg dying in the back yard.  Who doesn't watch 2 and 3 year old dye Easter eggs?  Jakey was grabbing them and dropping them while Ryan was a little more gentle with them.  Their big ol eyeballs were so fascinated watching the eggs.  We don't eat that many hard boiled eggs and I even threw some of these away eventually, but I wish I could just buy dozens to keep these little guys happy.  

Dying Easter eggs makes me miss their sister.  Easter is a holiday that we get to spend with Elyse in the odd years.  Wish she was here, but at least she will be next year.. even if she is super old by then!

After we colored eggs, Jakey took a nap.  Grandma called and wanted to know if the boys could come over for more Easter eggs.  I couldn't say no, I know she loves watching them do stuff as much as I do.  She bought a coloring kit where you actually paint the eggs.  Oh geez, it was such a mess!  I definitely don't recommend it.

When the kids went to sleep, the Easter bunny hopped over to our house.  He definitely knows what the boys love.  They got new trains, cars, and an easter egg with some candy.  Jakey got some body wash and Ryan got tooth paste ;)  Santa gives out tooth paste too.  At least I don't have to buy it.

Ryan and Jake were so excited to see their buckets filled!

My parents actually came into town that morning to trade cars with me.  My car doesn't have air conditioning so I drive my mom's car when it starts getting warm out.  They came to church with us.  After we went to church we went over to Tim's mom's house so the boys could do their Easter egg hunt.

Can I just say they are so stinkin' cute?!  Every holiday gets better and better with their cuteness and excitement.

After the egg hunt, we actually went back home so Jake could take a nap.  My parents had to go back to Yuma during Jake's nap time.  & then we went back to Tim's mom's for Easter dinner that night.  What a busy weekend.


Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Soccer Mom

I finally signed Ryan up for soccer!  I've been pretty excited about him starting since I signed him up. I've been talking to Ryan about it too to hopefully get him excited.  The day of his first practice Daddy took him to the store to buy soccer cleats and shin guards and Ryan picked out his very first pair of soccer cleats.

Before we left the house I got him to pose for a few pictures.

Watching him play was everything I thought it would be.  He's so stinkin' cute.  Daddy practiced with him while Jake and I sat on the field and watched.  He practiced running and kicking the ball.  He's a little shy and he's one of the younger ones on the team.  He's not afraid to run after the ball but won't take the ball away from someone else who has the ball.

We had to teach him that you don't use your hands in soccer.  Hopefully we can put Ryan in many different sports and activities until he is old enough to choose which one he likes.  I hope he sticks with soccer for a while because he sure is cute.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yuma County Fair

We took Ryan to the fair a couple months before he turned two.  We took Jake too but he sat in a stroller the whole time because he was only 3.5 months old and he pretty much slept the whole time.  I love seeing Ryan's little giggle- so I've been looking forward to taking him again.  We tried taking the boys to the fair they have here but there just isn't that many rides that they were able to ride and it was just disappointing.  We probably won't be taking them back until they are both older.

My mom bought fair tickets for all of the grand babies to go and have fun- but the oldest one didn't want to go, and Aiden & Rian only went one time.  So that left Ryan  and Jake with a bunch of tickets.. and that was okay with me.  We were able to go three times.  We went the first night we got into town and my mom met us there.  We stayed for a little while but it was already pretty late when we got into town.

We also went during the day with Aiden & Rian.  My kids rode their first roller coaster!  I thought for sure that Jake would be terrified but nope!  Jake has the best fair ride face.  He keeps the straightest face so we couldn't tell if he was having fun or not!

The last time we went- I convinced my dad to come too!  Dad is more of a homebody but I can usually get him to come to stuff when it comes to Ryan and Jake.  The kids love pushing all of the buttons on the cars that  make the most obnoxious sounds- oh well, they are having fun!

Lastly- one of my favorite pictures from our long weekend- all the Grandbabies at Grandma & Grandpa's house.  They don't know how lucky they are to have each other so close.