Monday, December 31, 2012

Jake's Pirate Party

We celebrated Jake's first birthday at our house on December 29 @ 4:00.  I planned a pirate party when he was just itty bitty.  Are all moms party crazy?  They aren't big parties but I do like to decorate and make them special.  I already have Ryan's 3rd birthday party planned too :)
Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of the food table!  Ahh. You can see it in one of the pictures below with Ryan.  We had pirate dogs, fish and chips, popcorn and pretzels!  Thanks to daddy for customizing some signs for me.  Daddy also decorated the high chair!  He did Ryan's on his first birthday too.


After enjoying some hot dogs (I didn't even like hot dogs until this past Easter, yum!) and fish & chips it was time to sing happy birthday to my baby.  Once I stuck the candle in his cupcake my heart started pounding a little harder and faster.  How could my little baby be a year old already??  =(  We sang "Happy Birthday" & I gave the cupcake to Ryan, he tried blowing it out twice.  Momma ended up blowing out the candle and making a wish for the upcoming year.
Jakey went to town on his cupcake!  He LOVED it!  It was the first time he had eaten anything sweet.  Baby loved that cupcake and ate about 3/4 of it.  We all had so much fun watching him eat it.  We were acting like the papparazzi, getting in tons of pictures.
Ryan wanted some of Jakey's cupcake so I gave him his own cupcake and passed them out to everyone.
All done!  Jakey with his white frosting face and Ryan with his red frosting face.
The aftermath of Jake's first cupcake.
Kind of reminded me of Ryan's first cupcake...
I gave him a quick bath and it was now time to open presents!  He got some new clothes, pajamas, snacks, toys, a book, some Little People toys and balloons.  Thanks everyone :)
Grandma & Grandpa R
                       Grandma & Grandpa H                          
Great Grandpa & Great Grandma
Daddy & Momma! <3
Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Jake's first year of life! 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our First Year With You

Jake Tyler-
It has been 365 days since I first laid eyes on you.  Actually your first year was so special you got an extra day, 366 because it was a leap year.  It has been 366 days since I met you for the first time, got to hold you and and form a relationship with you.  It has been 366 days since my heart doubled in size.  You see, when I was pregnant with you I was so worried that I wasn't capable of loving someone else as much as I loved your brother.  Boy was I ever wrong.  I did love you.  I loved you just as much as I loved your big brother and my love for him grew the day you were born also.  You turned Ryan into a big brother and he is so crazy about you.
I will continue to love you more and more as each second passes.  I spend so much time just watching you in awe at how sweet you are.  You grew inside my belly.  I created you.  Your dad & I created someone so perfect and that's pretty amazing to me.
It hasn't always been easy taking care of you.  You were born in the wee hours of December 30, 2011.  You came into this crazy word at 3:34 am.  You were already letting momma know that you were a little fire cracker.. you would do things when you wanted.  I didn't even have time to breath when we got to the hospital.  No IVs, no pain meds, nope, you wanted out.  Maybe you just wanted momma.. like you always do now, a  year later.
At just 5 weeks old we found out you had milk protein sensitivity.  I am so sorry for those many, many glasses of chocolate milk that mommy used to drink that upset your tummy.  I would take it back if I could, I never meant to cause you any pain.  I quit eating any dairy as soon as I found out it bothered you.  It made you a little less whiney.  Whiney isn't the word.  You loved to scream.  And scream. And scream.  Poor momma spent so much time trying to calm you down.  I hated watching you cry yourself to sleep.  Momma spent some nights crying herself to sleep right along with you.
As you grew a little older your crying days came less and less but they were still there. In fact, you were a little whiney for about 8 months. Thankfully, one night, over night the first weekend we moved into our new house, you turned into a brand new baby! You started loving life. You started spending more time hanging out instead of crying. You became a little people watcher. Always sitting back and observing the world and soaking it all in. You became more relaxed. Often spending hours just hanging out on mommy's hip or snuggling with Daddy.
You became your big brother's little side kick. I watched him fall in love with you. What an amazing bond you two share that will only continue to grow as the years pass us by. You two are the best parts of your daddy and me. Our souls just walking around playing outside of our body. We love you guys more than you will ever know.
Now that you are ONE, I still spent a lot of time holding you. But you still like to crawl around on the floor playing with all of your toys. You are becoming so independent. I'm not sure when you got so big but it is an absolute joy watching you become your own little person.
You are an eater.  You love to eat.  I think your favorite food is probably eggs.  You love eggs and eat them all up whenever they are on your tray.  You love to snuggle.  You love to laugh.  You also love to sleep just like mommy.  You go to bed around 7:45 and don't wake up until the next morning around 9:30.  & after all that sleep you still take a 3 hour nap.
Last night we celebrated your first year of life with you with some of the people who love you most.  You loved every minute of it, from all the people, to hotdogs and your very first cake, your presents and balloons.  You were such a good baby.  So relaxed and laid back.. just like you always are.  Just like I hope you will always be.  I hope you always go with the flow and enjoy every minute of life just as you do now.
I wish so much for you.  I hope you live an amazing life and make the best out of it.  I hope you are always independent yet loving.
I could never, ever put into words how much joy you have brought into my life in just 3656days. I can't believe it's already been a year since I first laid my eyes on those big blue eyes. I look forward to spending many, many more years with you.
Don't ever forget how amazing you are.
I love you more than life.
Happy first birthday little love of my life!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Came a Little Early This Year

I have a few blogs to post!  I need to get them posted before December is over... so here we go!
On 12/14 was my work's annual Christmas party.  It also landed on the same weekend that my mom comes into town every year.  The second Friday of December, my mom gets a half day at work.  She says it's for "holiday shopping."  I'm sure it is, but how cool is it that her work gives her time off of work to get some shopping done?  Well, ever since I moved to Tucson mom comes up here the second week of December and we do some holiday shopping.
This is also the first year that Dad came into town with her for the holiday shopping weekend.
On Friday night, Tim & I got dressed and headed out the door!  My parents took the kids out to dinner and then back to their hotel!  I couldn't protest since Dad goes to bed early.  If he didn't come with, my mom would have stayed at our place in Elyse's bed.
We had fun, socializing, a little drinking.. not much on my part, I think I am officially over any type of alcohol.  In the past 3 years I have only had about 4 beers, and that's 4 too many.  So I've said it, I'm so over it.  It was fun to get out of the house, have a good dinner without the cooking or cleaning up, and stay out a longer than usual without the kids.
First thing in the morning, I called my mom and told her to bring them back!  She said they were good little boys :)
On Saturday, Tim & my dad worked on our back yard.  I don't know if I mentioned.. but when we moved into our new home, the back yard was pretty gross.  It was filled with weeds, over grown trees, and tree stump after tree stump after tree stump.  My dad brought all his tools over and got straight to work on the backyard on Saturday.  Tim went out there and started working too.  Thank goodness!  It looks a million times better.  They did almost half the back yard.  Since then, Tim has worked on more of the back yard.  I try to help but it takes too long and it's boring.  I helped rake for maybe like 20 minutes before I came back inside.  Tim's been wanting to get some grass seed for the yard so maybe that's something we can get done soon.
Anywaaaays.  Mom, Ryan, and I went to JoAnn to pick out fabric.  Ever since we moved into this house I have not really decorated much or done anything with any of the rooms!  Ryan's nursery used to be monkeys and green & tan but I didn't want that anymore.  He isn't a baby and the little animal theemed nursery didn't fit him anymore.  I haven't put anything on the walls or painted.
We picked out fabric for a new quilt for his twin bed (coming June 2013) and curtains!  --Since then we HAVE redone his room.  Can't wait to show you guys pictures!
It took us a few hours to pick out the perfect fabric but I know it will go perfectly in his new room :)
That night we went to Winterhaven.  It's a big neighborhood where everyone decorates with lights.  It's blocked off to cars so you can walk through the neighborhood.  It's become a yearly tradition.  We stop and get hot cocoa at the gas station next door and walk around looking at lights.  It actually takes a few hours.  It was fun to bring my parents along with us this year.
One of the houses had a photobooth with props set up.  Props aren't that pretty to look at with a toddler and a baby!  You can see Jakey's prop sitting next to him.  I could't even tell you which props they are holding.
& Here is Ryan with Justin Beiber.  He was staring at him pointing at his big elf ears.  Then he started looking at his bling bling watch and necklace!  It was pretty funny.. I finally got him to look but if you look close enough his little finger is still pointing at his gold necklace.  Maybe he was trying to tell us he wanted one too.
After a few hours of walking it was already pretty late and we decided it was time to go home and go to sleep!
The next morning Santa arrived with Mom & Dad.  He brought us a new washing machine. We were borrowing someone's who needed it back the previous day.  I was pretty bummed about it.  The laundry smells of an almost 1 year old and a 2.5 year old aren't pretty.  Ryan was pretty excited about it too!  Yes, my dryer is ugly but it was only $35 at a yard sale and we were lucky enough to score it the weekend we moved in!
Santa also brought a whole kitchen filled with groceries!  It sure as heck beats weekly shopping trips with two little monkeys :)
Blogger isn't letting me click underneath this picture to continue writing, so I guess I'll stop here & say Thanks Mom & Dad!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

JTR- 11 months

-Jake Tyler-  
I could sit here and talk about how perfect you are, how amazing this month has been, and how it's been incredible watching you grow.. But I'm just constantly repeating myself because I know I have said it on every other blog post in here.  You know what?  You ARE perfect.  This month has been AMAZING.  & It sure is incredible to watch you grow.
You have the most beautiful big blue eyes.  The sweetest smile..  & a laugh that can make my tummy have butterflies.
Every time I look at you (& your brother) I think of how incedibly blessed I am.  More blessed than I could ever deserve.  I am your momma.  You are my baby.  Your daddy's and mine.  I could never ask for anything more than you & Ryan.
This month you have become sweeter.  Eaten more foods.  Learned how to crawl faster and faster.  Had your first Thanksgiving.  Had your first alone time with Momma & Daddy when big brother stayed with Grandma for two days.
You eat three meals a day.  You have 4 sippy cups of milk (Alimentum) a day.  You love your blankets.  You suck your thumb when you are sleepy.  While it drives me crazy to think you might still be a thumb sucker when you are 7.. You have got to be the cutest thumb sucker there is.
 Oh yeah- you had your first bowl of spaghetti!  Daddy yelled at momma for not putting sauce on it.. but I was afraid it might hurt your tummy.  The next day you had leftovers and Daddy gave you spaghetti sauce to go with it.  I think your tummy is feeling better.  I've given you mac & cheese and you tolerate it quite well.  You've also had rice with cream of mushroom & you tolerate that too.  However, I won't switch to regular formula, just in case.
 Here is your 11 month picture.  Aren't you just so so cute?? I have looked at this picture a million times.
We took you to the doctor on Nov 27- 3 days short of being 11 months.  You were 15.13 lbs and 28 inches long.  You are pretty tiny.. but you are healthy and growing.   Your brother and sister are pretty small too.  At least you aren't a giant.
Now that you are 11 months old, momma is planning your 1st birthday party!! Your birthday shirt came in the mail on Monday.  It's pretty cute.  You're having a pirate party!  We're inviting all of our family over to celebrate your first year of life.
 I love you more than life.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanksgiving... A Few Weeks Late...

I'm going to try and keep this blog entry short.  I need to catch up.. It's now December & I still need to post Jake's 11 month update as well.
Thanksgiving was perfect.  I got 5 days off of work.  Vacation days are always very much appreciated.  & by the time we left for Yuma, we hadn't seen Ryan in over 48 hours!!  We wanted to drive as fast as we could to see our little man.  Of course, we didn't speed.  Somehow I lost at paper, rock, scissor and I ended up driving the 3+ hour drive to my parents house.  It wasn't that bad.  I hadn't actually driven there in years.. so I gave Tim a little break.
It was pretty weird driving with only one baby in the back seat.  It was weird pulling over to eat lunch too.  We stopped about halfway and got some Taco Bell & Tim looked at me and said "It's weird seeing you with only one baby."
We kept talking about Ryan and how much we missed him.  We were wondering what he would do when he saw us and thought he would be so excited.  When we got to my mom's house, we walked in and Ryan saw us and said "Hi Momma, Hi Dadda."  & That was it!  He kept on playing like he saw us just minutes ago.  We went over to him to get our hugs and kisses and he was in UNDERWEAR! 
My baby was wearing underwear!!  My mom had bought him some traning pants and was working on potty training. Well, good thing she bought 4 packs of 4 training pants each because the kid went through all of them and needed more.  Ha.  God Bless my mom.  She worked so hard trying to get Ryan to go potty on the toilet.. she didn't have much luck.  But she tried!  Ryan would tinkle in his underwear every few minutes.  The first day he would come tell us AFTER he peed and she would put him on the toilet.  By the second day he wasn't really telling us at all.  Every time we asked him if he had to go, he would say no.  Sooo.. potty training didn't go so great.  I haven't really tried too much since.  I've put him on the potty a few times here and there, but he just isn't interested & I don't want to force it.
I might just have a 3 year old in diapers....
Thanksgiving Day was pretty special.  My oldest brother, Mike, came in from California.  We hadn't seen him since last Thanksgiving and it was his first time meeting Jakey.  My Uncle Bill & Aunt Michelle & their two boys, Jacob & Nicholas were in town from West Virginia.  I haven't seen them since the summer of 2003, right before I moved to Tucson for college.  It was nice spending time with them.  Their boys loved Ryan & Jakey and spent so much time playing with them.  It always makes my heart smile seeing Ryan (& now Jake) play with other kids.
 Jakey got to wear the same thing Ryan did on his first Thanksgiving. A  perk of having teeny tiny babies, they get to wear clothes for much longer periods of time.
Auntie Bec, Uncle Steven, Aiden & Rian came over.  We love them <3
We spent a few hours out front, everyone just talking and trying out Mike's skateboard.  Mike took Ryan on the skateboard last year and he loved it.  He loved it this year too.  He had the sweetest little face just smiling the whole time.  I practiced a few times and actually was skating down the block! haha.  I was pretty proud.  Mom & Uncle Bill did too.  It was a sight to see.
Mom & I did some Black Friday shopping.  I was a little disappointed in the sales this year.  It seems to always be the same exact stuff.  I only picked up a few things this year.  I kinda sorta love going out at night to go shopping until the wee hours of the morning.
We got lots of family time in for Thanksgiving.  We stayed in Yuma for 4 days.  I love spending time with my family.  I love watching my children play & I love how everyone loves my baby.
This year I just felt so thankful.  Idon't have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are pretty amazing, I have the best job, & I love my family.  What else could I ask for?
These 4 babies melt my heart.  I am so, so incredibly happy that my brother and my best friend got married and I can call my best friend's babies my niece and nephew.  We always use to talk about raising our babies together and we really get too.  I don't think anything can get sweeter than watching them together. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ryan's First Sleepover

When I was pregnant with Ryan, my mom and I made a deal.  She would get to take Ryan the first weekend of every month once I was done breast feeding.  We would meet in the little town of Gila Bend (half way point) and drop off/pick up Ryan.  He nursed until he was 10 months old.  Did I let my mom take Ryan for an over night?  Heck no!  I think she was smart enough to never ask either.  He was my baby, I wasn't letting him out of my sight. 
Well, after Ryan turned 1.. I think he was almost 1.5, my mom asked to take him back to Yuma for a few days... I thought about if for like half a second and told her that I wasn't ready to let him go.  Okay, she understood.  She even admitted that she didn't think I would let her take him.
My dad has joked a few times.. okay he was probably totally serious but I always took it as a joke.. that he wanted to take Ryan to Yuma with him for a WEEK.   Oy. 
After Ryan turned two, I was thinking that I probably needed to start letting him go a little more.  Okay okay- so I started going to the grocery store without him.  That's how I started letting go.  Since the day I got pregnant with him, Ryan's always been with me.  Even if I need to pick something up at the grocery store or run to the post office- I take Ryan with me.
At the beginning of November my mom asked the dreaded question.  "When I come to Tucson can I take Ryan back with me for a couple days?"  Ahhh.  My heart started racing and I wanted to tell her "No way!".. but I stopped thinking of me for a minute and started thinking of my mom and Ryan.  I told her I would think about it.  I asked Tim who told me he didn't want Ryan to go but it was up to me.  Of course Tim doesn't want Ryan to go- Ryan has Tim wrapped around his little finger.
I thought and thought and thought some more but I still didn't want to let him go.  I did what every other mother would do- I posted my question on Facebook.  Everyone who replied told me that it was okay to let him go to Grandma's house.  Even the girls I work with told me to let him go to Grandma's house.
I was started to give in to the thought of Ryan leaving me for a night or two.  I wasn't ready to tell my mom that he could go yet.  I needed a few days to soak it all in and prepare.  Sounds so silly.. but I am totally serious!
The weekend that my mom came into town to watch the kids because Tim & I went to a wedding in Phoenix- my mom stayed until Monday.  She wanted to take Ryan back with her on Monday afternoon.  Well, on Sunday night my mom and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and painting our toe nails.  She hadn't brought up Ryan going back with her, I wanted to initiate conversation about it but I was seriously so nervous.  You know back in high school when you had your first boyfriend and you want to hold their hand but you're too scared too.. but you can't stop thinking about it?? Yeah that was me.
Okay okay- I finally brought it up.  I told my mom that Ryan didn't yet have a backpack for his first over night.  You know what her response was "Let's go to Target!!" Ha.  So we did just that, except Target was already closed.. so we had to drive to Walmart.  After searching, we finally saw the little toddler backpacks.  A Cars backpack, how perfect.  She got the backpack for him and when we got home I packed it, along with some toys and his snack cup.  My heart sank a little bit seeing his stuff sitting on the counter just waiting for the next morning.
The next morning, I had left for work before anyone else was up.. When I knew the kids were up I called my mom and told her to stop by with Ryan so I could see him before they left.
Daddy actually had a hard time saying bye too!
Well- Mom finally showed up to my work and I only got to spend a few minutes with Ryan because I had to pick up my kids from recess.  She must know how crazy I am because she text me at every stop they made on the way to Yuma to tell me what Ryan was doing. 
She even posted these sweet little pictures of him on Facebook. 
My baby with his first back pack!
Mom did a good job at calming mommy and daddy who were missing their baby boy with phone calls and pictures.  Ryan had so much fun hanging out in Yuma with his Grandma & Grandpa.
One good thing did come out of it, I got to spend two days with my little man.  No one to steal his toys and splash him in the tub- he was loving it!

After 48 hours, we went to Yuma for Thanksgiving Break and my baby was alive and happy!  Mommy & Daddy made it through Ryan's first over night.  I told my mom not to ask again for another year :)