Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jake Tyler

 I had talked to my ob/gyn- Dr. Riley about being induced with the baby.  We set a date for December 30th.  I had my last doctors appointment on Wednesday, December 28th at 10:45am.  I was now 2cm and 30% effaced.  I had gained 3lbs since the previous week!  Yikes!  I blame it on all the Christmas food and cookies :)  I had a total weight gain of 31lbs.  Later that night I packed the baby's stuff for the hospital; his baby book, a pair of mittens, a pair of socks, a onesie, two pacifiers, and his coming home outfit- blue guitar jammies.

I had been having a few contractions a day for a couple days.  On Friday, December 30th- I had been having them more regularly, especially at night.  At 10:00pm they started getting pretty regular.  I was folding Elyse's laundry, packing stuff for our hospital bag, and printing lots of worksheets for my monsters at work. 

A little after midnight I was ready for bed.  Tim and I went to lay down.  I was thinking that I had better get a good night's sleep before morning.  It would be my last night of sleeping before I got woken up by a baby every few hours.  My contractions were still there and keeping me awake!  I wanted them to stop.  At 12:42am I thought I better keep track of the contractions.  They were pretty consistent, not enough to be super painful but strong enough to keep me awake. 12:42, 12:50, 12:59, 1:06, 1:16, 1:19, 1:26, 1:31, 1:34, 1:38, 1:40, 1:44, 1:49, 1:51, 1:54, 1:57... and that's the last one that I wrote down.   I messaged Tim's mom and she told me to try walking and see if they changed at all.  I was feeling hungry so I decided to walk downstairs and make some frosted flakes, but walking made them worse and the pain was making me cry.  I went back upstairs and woke up Tim.  We debated going into the hospital.  Tim wanted to take me because he saw me crying, but I didn't want to go.  I wanted to wait it out until 10 that morning.  I woke up my mom, she had gotten into town earlier in the evening.  I told her I was contracting, she was timing me and at this point they were a minute and a half apart!  Yikes! 

Tim got dressed, he put on the same shirt he wore the day Ryan was born :)  I grabbed my jacket.  The hospital where I was going to give birth is about 20 minutes from my house. It is now 2:30 in the morning.  I was a little nervous to have to drive 20 minutes because by this time I was in a lot of pain.  We hit almost every red light on the way to the hospital.  By this time, I was in so much pain I couldn't even keep my booty down on the seat when I was contracting.  My poor husband, I started screaming when I was having them.

We fiiiiiiiiiiinally get to the hospital around 2:45.  By this time, I think I just might die of pain.  Tim parked his car in front of the doors.  We walk in and the guy at the front desk tells us we have to go up to the 8th floor.  8th floor?? Are you kidding me?  I do not want to wait and have to go up to the 8th floor.  Tim grabs me a wheelchair and takes me to the elevator.  We walk down the hall to a desk, where once again, I'm annoyed.  The lady asks me "Why are you here today?"  Um- I'm in labor and delivery at 3 am and I have a huge belly.  I'm too busy screaming, so Tim tells her I'm in labor.  The lady asks me to fill out paperwork- So I answer about 3 questions before I tell her I can't fill any more out.  I get pushed over to triage where they want me to lay on a bed.  Tim has to go move the car.  These ladies are bugging me even more- she wants me to lay down- I can't lay down because I'm in too much pain.  In fact I can't stay still at all.  They probably hate me- oh well- they chose this job.  One of the nurses checks me and I am 9cm.  9cm?  Did she just tell me I was 9cm??  Now I'm freaking out because I know it's almost time to push and I haven't gotten my epidural!  I need my epidural.  How on earth does anyone give birth without an epidural.  I tell her I want my epidural!!  She tells me she can try to order it but it might be too late.  I am in denial and don't believe it's too late for one.  I ask for tylenol while I wait for my epidural.

They push me down the hall to a delivery room.  Tim is STILL moving his car.  Boo.  In the delivery room, I can't sit down, I can't lay down, I can't really do anything.  I change into my gown.  I am constantly contracting.  The nurse try a few times to put an IV in me but I can't stay still. Tim finally shows up!  Thank goodness.  & in walks my wonderful doctor and I am so happy to see both of them.  I told my doctor I needed to poop.  She informed me that I don't need to poop, but that I need to push out a baby.  & so it begins.  Pushing a baby out without an epidural.  Worst.  Pain. Ever.  & If you are thinking about having a baby without an epidural- you are insane!

Like every woman in labor- I tell Doctor Riley that I can't do it.  It hurts too much.  She keeps talking to me and telling me that I can do it.  Tim is fanning me down because I'm complaining that I'm hot.  After some pushes, Tim smiles and looks at me and says "I can see Jake's head!"  The smile on his face and knowing Jake is coming out makes it all worth it :)  I'm also thinking "Thank God."  I asked Riley to just pull the baby out because I don't want to push anymore.  But with one more push he is out at 3:34am. 

I sat up a little to look at him and he was just absolutely perfect.  I never knew anything was missing from my life until that moment.  They laid him on my chest and I couldn't believe how absolutely beautiful he was.  Blue, but still beautiful.  My poor baby had the biggest blue face, he was bruised from coming out so quickly.

The nurses took him away for about 45 minutes.  After 45 minutes I'm getting grumpy again.  I want my baby back!  Tim called his mom and my mom.  Tim's mom came and brought his Aunt Penny, my mom came with Elyse.

Who would have known that I could give birth to the two most beautiful, perfect human beings.

I nursed him about 45 minutes after he was born and he latched on perfectly :)  The nurse brought me a food menu, thank goodness!  I was starving and I still wanted my Frosted Flakes, I had to settle for Rice Chex and a blueberry muffin instead.

Jake had his first bath and they moved us down to the 7th floor for post partum.  That first night is nuts, nurses constantly coming in.  Tim & I were exhausted.  We finally got a few hours of sleep at 8:00am.  So much for my last "good nights sleep"

Jake Tyler
December 30, 2011
3:34am 7lbs 2oz


  1. Thanks for sharing your story :) Although you didn't get an epidural and experienced a lot of pain, it seems like Jake had a rather quick, uncomplicatied entrance into the world. So happy for you guys. You have an amazing, growing family.

    Love and miss,

    Ashley Bedwell

  2. I can't believe you did it without an epidural! You are amazing! I wanted our doc to pull out Reese too! It totally makes sense, we push - they pull! ;) Congratulations on your newest addition! He is adorable!

  3. How amazing!!! Thanks for sharing! <3

  4. Aw. :)

    I love him. And you!

    I like that Tim wore the same shirt. I'm going to keep the shirts Steven was wearing when the kids were born forever.

  5. I love this. It's amazing our bodies can make amazing little people.

    Congratulations again!

  6. Another perfect addition to an already beautiful family!! I'm so happy for you....and you do good work on making pretty babies:)