Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm happy that people like reading my blog and see how my babies are doing.

Maybe I should be flattered that my life is that interesting to some, but it's a little creepy to me that there are some people who check it out 5-6 times daily.  38 returning visits from the same IP in 1 week is a little obsessive, & that's not including actual page views. Yikes!

I guess that's why so many people go private or choose not to blog at all.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 11- Pet Peeves

Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. Made up abbreviations. Ugh, especially in texting. U and ur are not words.  At least try to make yourself seem educated.

2.  Boobs.  Not boobs in general, but boobs that pop out of girls' shirts.  Seriously, cover them up!

3.  Litter bugs.  I hate when people litter, especially when there is a trash can in plain sight.  I hate it even when there isn't a trash can around.  People complain about how dirty the Earth is, keep your trash to yourself until you're able to throw it away.

4. Unpainted toenails.  Come on girls, if you're going to have your toenails showing at least make them pretty.

5.  The word "miss" as in "mrs."  At school, the older kids see me in the hall way and don't know my name so they say "Excuse me, Mrs."  I know they are being polite, but I would rather they just ask me what my name is.

6. FML.  You're life isn't that bad, stop saying it.

7. Made up names.  Every year when I get my attendance before the first day of school, it's hard for me to pronounce names that I've never seen before and I'm always wondering "boy or girl?"

8. Priorities.  As in, people constantly saying they do what's best for their kid when it's clear they do what's best from themselves.  Just admit it, your kid doesn't come first- you come first.

9.  My copier at work being out of paper, allthetime!!

10.  I'll say something about my home- I hate the bed not being made.  If I come home and it's not made, I alway make it even though I'll be getting right back in and messing up the covers.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 10- Embarrassing Moment

Describe your most embarrassing moment.

I wish I had some awesome embarrassing moment that I could share with everyone.  Actually, it's probably better off that I don't.  Nothing totally ridiculous and embarrassing has happened to me.  Only a few slightly embarrassing things.

1. I fell up the stairs in the bookstore my first day of college. Well, I tripped walking up them and fell on my hands and knees.  That was fun.

2.  I've gone into the bathroom after talking with people and have seen a booger in my nose or food in my teeth.  Come on people, let me know whan I have food stuck in my teeth or boogers.

3.  Ryan being super whiney in a restaurant.  I always give him to Daddy- Tim's really good at the whininess in public and will take Ryan outside.

4. Tooting in public. Oops. But I have babies on my hip now a days and it can easily be blamed on them.

If something embarrassing happens in the future, I'll be sure to let you guys know!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 9

List 10 people who have influenced you and how?

1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Tim
4. Ryan
5. Jake
6. Elyse
7. My niece, Haley
8. My best friend, Rebecca
9. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Franklin
10. My methods teachers my last year of college

Each of these people have helped teach me what life is all about. They have all taught me life lessons, what matters most and how to be a better person.

Short & sweet

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 8- Passions

What are 5 passions you have?

1. My husband.  I will admit that since we've had babies, it's hard for me to remember that my husband comes first.  The bible talks about how your husband come before your children.  How you raise your kids to be good people so they can grow up and have a family of their own.  Your husband?  He's the guy that sticks around til you're old and gray.  I love my husband dearly.  I am madly in love with him.  Do I always show it?  No.  Do I always put him first?  No.  This is something that I need to work on.  I need to be more passionate about putting him first.

2. My children.  All 3 of them.  My kids will always be provided for and loved.  I want to give them a good life.  They have everything they could ever need.  But more than that, I want to be sure that I teach them family values, I want to teach them how to love and be respectful.  I want to teach them to be goal oriented and hard working.  It's a lot harder with Elyse because we don't get to see her very often.  But she's our baby too, and when she's here we love them all the same.

3.  Teaching.  Besides being a mommy, I believe I was put here on Earth to teach.   A lot of kids don't have stability and structure at home.  The moment they walk through the classroom door in the morning, I give them stability, structure, love and an education.

4.  Being the best "me" I can be.  Everyone has so many roles in life.  I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a step mom, a friend, a best friend, a daughter in law, an aunt, a teacher, ... The list can just keep on going.  I want to continually improve my role in every area.  I am so blessed to have these people in my life and I want them to know it.

5. Remembering.  I want to remember everything when it comes to these babies.  That's why I have this blog, baby books, pictures and scrapbooks.  I save silly things- if it has to do with Tim, Elyse, Ryan or Jake- I probably still have it, well the important stuff anyways.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm sitting on the computer looking through my facebook albums of Ryan, wondering "when did my baby get so big?"  I feel a little sad looking at his old pictures.  I miss his long hair and vampire teeth.  Ryan is the sweetest little guy.

He's on the low end of learning new skills and talking.  But I swear, this month he's just been learning new things every day.

I've mentioned it before, but the show I let Ryan watch is Barney.  He's always dancing right along with all the songs they sing on Barney.  One of the songs they sing a lot is "If you're happy and you know it.."  Ryan claps along and raises his hands in the air when they say "Hooray!"  Yesterday afternoon, Tim, Ryan and I were laying in our bed and I started singing the song, and Ryan clapped along at all the right places.  "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands." **clap clap**  He even points to his cheeks when I say "If you're happy and you know it then your face will surely show it."  Cutest thing ever.

He tries really hard to dress himself.  I'll hold out the pants and he sticks his legs in.  I get his shirt ready for him and he sticks his arms in one by one.  When I ask him to get his shoes, he somehow always knows where he put them.  He can always find them whether they are under the table or behind his toy box, he always knows where to find his shoes.

He's really good at following directions.  When I ask him if he wants to watch Barney, he brings me the Wii remote.  Yesterday I told Ryan to get into his car if he wanted to go for a walk.  He stopped what he was doing, walked over to the closet, opened the door and got into his cop car! ha- Tim and I laughed.  When I ask him if he's hungry he says "mmm."  When I ask him if he wants milk, he runs over to the fridge.  When I ask him if he wants "cookies" he runs over to where I keep his snacks.  FYI- all of his snacks are "cookies."  I started calling his animal crackers "cookies" and it just stuck with everything else he snacks on.  When I tell him it's time to take a bath he runs over to the baby gate at the stairs and waits for me to pick him up.  When I tell him it's time to brush his teeth he walks into his bathroom and stands at the sink.

When we tell him that somethings hot, he says "ah" and sticks out his tongue, every time! it's cute :)  He waves to everyone now when we're going for walks. 

I started brushing Ryan's teeth last May when he first got teeth.  I've always sang the ABCs to him when we brush his teeth, when I'm done singing it means it's time to stop brushing and Ryan then sings the ABCs after me.  Well- the words are definitely baby language but the tune is the same. When I'm not brushing his teeth and singing the song he sings right along with me.

He gives kisses without asking for them, especially to Jake.   Tim just started teaching him how to clean up after himself when he throws food on the floor.  Tim gets the trash can out and Ryan picks up his food one by one and throws it in the trash can.  Ryan claps for himself everytime he throws something away.  Sometimes I catch Ryan pick something off of the floor that shouldn't be there (like some sort of trash) and Ryan will walk to the cabinet and throw it in the trash can.

He got his 10th tooth today.  TEN teeth!  ahhhh.  He JUST got his 9th and now he has his tenth.  It makes me sad that he's just growing so fast.  He got one on the bottom  on his left side.  I need to learn names of teeth.  He has three front teeth on the bottom- the extra one that makes his smile funny is on the left.  Then there is a empty spot and then the new tooth he got today.

I already mentioned he started going down the slide by himself on Monday.  What a big boy.

We just started saying "uh oh" to him a few weeks ago when he falls or drops something, he just picked that word up this past week.

Playing with cars :)

He gets his cars and runs them over his face and head.  I always do that to him when we play cars and he just laughs and laughs.  Now he does it himself.

Ryan loves his blankets.  Tonight I put him in his crib and Jake's yellow blanket was on the floor and Ryan yelled at me because he wanted Jake's blanket!  So I gave it to him.

So blessed to have such a perfect little man.

Day 7- Dream Job

What is your dream job and why?

Well, this was easy.  My dream job is to be a second grade teacher!  Honestly, I have the best job, e v e r.  Let's start with numbers.  I work 180 days a year.  180 days breaks down into 36 weeks a year.  Which means I get 16 weeks of vacation time every single year.  This vacation time falls in all the right place.  I get off 10 weeks every summer.  2 weeks every Christmas/New Years.  I get at least one 3 day weekend a month.  I get a Fall break, Thanksgiving break, Spring Break, and an Easter Break.  I will always have the same days off of work that my kids get off of school.  I'll never feel guilty about trying to find a sitter when they're home and I'm at work.  I can stay home with them.  Right now, it means that I get to spend every day with my daughter when she's in town.  & If I'm working, I can bring her to work with me.  She loves coming to work with me.  She asks to come to work with me.

Distance- I live right next to my school.  My contract says I have to work 8-4 Mon-Fri.  I can leave my house at 7:55am and still get to work by 8:00.  I'm supposed to stay until 4, but if all my work is done (lesson plans, grading and whatever else) I can leave when I finish.  Well- I know how to manage my time when I'm at work so I can leave ten minutes early.  Wednesdays are always half days with school ending at 11:30am, so I can leave extra early on Wednesdays as long as my work is done.  I'm usually away from the home about 36 hours a week.  & Ryan is sleeping for 13 of them.  I'm away only 23 hours a week during his wake time.  Daddy watches him those hours so it's not too bad being away.

So, on top of that- I get to spend my days with people I truly love.  I love these kids.  Each and every one of them.  It's so fun to view the world from the eyes of a child.  I love listening to the funny things they say and watching the way they learn.  I teach them so many things throughout the course of a year. I love to watch them learn new things because I taught it to them It's my job to teach them how to be better people, how to respect others, to be fair, to tell the truth, to play nicely, to be responsible for themselves and their belongings, and to make good choices. .. and so much more.

My job truly does make a difference in so many lives.  My first year I had 21 kids, then 28, 28, and now 27.  That's 104 new lives in just 4 short years. I have met 104 amazing people.  I've taught 104 children.  I've loved 104 children.  & each of them have loved me back because I'm good at what I do.

& at the end of the day, I get to go home to what matters most in this world, my babies. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 6

What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

Without a doubt- sharing a child.

When I first met Tim, I knew right away that he was a packaged deal.  My jaw dropped when he told me he had a 5 year old.  I talked to my brother, Chris, on the phone later that night and told him about Tim.  He told me to stay away from men with kids.

I met Elyse in August 2007, just 6 months after I first met Tim.  Honestly, I was a little nervous.  This was the other lady in his life.  What if she didn't like me? haha.  I saw her standing in front of the hotel in Chicago where we would be staying.  She ran up to Tim and hugged him, hugged his mom, and then walked over to me, stuck out her hand and said "Nice to meet you."  We went up to our hotel room where Elyse pulled everything out of her suitcase to show me (which she still does 5 years later.)  We went out to dinner that night and I just watched everything that Elyse did and the way her and Tim interacted.  I listened to her laugh at everything Tim said.

We were only in Chicago for 4 days, Elyse and I held hands everywhere we went.  She kept getting in my face and kissing my noes.  She would whisper in my ear, "I like you."  We played together non stop the whole time we were there.

We were all sad when we had to come back to Tucson.  A whole year went by before we saw her again.  A very long year.  She came out to Tucson in August 2008.  I always say this is when I fell in love with her.  She is so sweet and fun.  She is an amazing little girl.  I spent every single second with her while she was here.  Tim & I soak it all in and really enjoy every moment we have with her.

Tim & I took her to the airport, she was flying back to Chicago with Tim's dad.  Elyse had already woken up sad that morning and was sad the whole way to the airport.  When we arrived at the airport I picked her up and she squeezed me and kept saying "I don't want to go."  My heart was litterally breaking.  Tears fell down my face and I had to give her to Tim.

When Tim isn't home, Elyse and I always lay in bed together reading books.  We cook and bake together.  We go on walks and play at the park.  We read books at the library.  We play school, restaurant, store and Pet Shops.

I love watching Tim and Elyse together. 

Elyse has been out here to visit 9 times since Tim & I have gotten married.  You think saying goodbye would get easier since we do it so often.  But it doesn't.  It gets harder every. single. time.  I hate it.  Every morning when Elyse wakes up on her last day here, the first thing she tells us is that she wishes she could stay longer.  I burst into tears every time she walks through the security check point.  It's really hard on Tim too, I hate seeing him so sad.  Worst of all, we go months without her.

I hate that we miss out on SO much. 

Someone once told me that being a stepmom is hard.  It's not.  Elyse is the best thing Tim ever gave me <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 5- Happy!

What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

1. My Family.  Obviously.  I have so much fun spending time with my babies.  Sure they cry and their messy, but they are mine and they are perfect.  Ryan is so much fun.  Yesterday I was chasing him around the house just so Casey and I could watch him run.  He has the cutest little run.  He's starting to say more and more words every day.  He gives Tim & I kisses even when we don't ask for them.  He adores his little brother.  Jake is starting to smile all the time and laugh. This morning I could hear Jake wiggling around in his bassinet so I peeked over the side and he gave me the biggest gummy grin.  Every time I smiled at him he smiled right back.  I often find myself staring at my babies and just thinking about how lucky I am.  I don't talk about Tim too much in here, but he deserves some credit too.  We've been together over 5 years now and I still catch myself checking him out. Haha, he's so handsome.  He makes me happy too.  Sometimes he drives me crazy, but I'd rather him drive me crazy than be happy with anyone else.

2.  Upcoming Events!  Next week is Spring Break!  I get out of school at 11:30am on Tuesday and have the rest of the week off!  I have looked up some story times for the days I have off & I've been able to find one for everyday.  Awesome.  Wednesday is Toddler Time @ the library. Thursday they are having a story time at the mall in the kids' play place with the Easter Bunny and an Easter egg hunt (most excited about this one.) Friday they have a story time at Bookmans (used book store) followed by coloring.  We've been there twice already. 

& Easter! We have a 4 day weekend for Easter and we're going to visit my parents in Yuma.  Easter is my favorite holiday (besides Christmas.)  My mom hasn't seen Jake since he was 17 days old.  Aiden & Rian will be there.  I can't wait to do an Easter egg hunt.  Ryan totally understood the Easter egg hunt last year at 9m old so I think he will love it even more this year.  That weekend the fair will also be in town, and I'm excited to see the babies all ride rides together!

3.  The Weather.  The past few weekends have been so nice outside.  We've been able to spend time outside playing and walking around.  Ryan's face lights up and he runs to the front door every time I ask him if he wants to go outside.

4. My Job.  I am extremely blessed to have the best job ever hanging out with 27 amazing little people.  I am their teacher, their nurse, and their friend.  It is my responsibility to teach these children.  Not only academics, but how to build character and be a good citizen.

5.  Books.  I have so many good books at home that need to be read!  Ryan and I go to the library a lot to check out books.  A couple weeks ago a fellow second grade teacher brought in a bag of books that she told me I could keep.  I love reading and getting lost in a good book.  This past weekend Ryan got 7 new books and he loves them as well.  He brings us books all the time to read to him.  At night he walks over to me holding onto a book and sits in my lap waiting for me to turn the pages and read aloud to him.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 4- 16 year old me.

List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

1. Be more respectful and appreciative of your parents- they would do anything for you.
2.  Invest some money in more jeans and stop wearing those booty shorts.
3.  Dance like nobody's watching! Seriously- I didn't love dancing until after high school.
4.  Enjoy your family vacation to Hawaii a little more-  It's a gorgeous place that you won't get to visit too often.
5.  Do the things that make you happy, not what makes others happy.
6.  Stop overanalyzing your relationships with people.
7.  Don't let stupid stuff upset you, in the long run none of it matters.
8.  You ARE skinny, stop trying to be even skinnier.  Your weight is perfect.
9.  Take your contacts out, they are ruining your eyeballs.
10. Love Life.

Goodness, that was difficult!  I literally sat here sitting at my screen for like 10 minutes.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 3- parents

Yesterday was SO busy.  Today the babies are napping and Tim is working so I have a few minutes.

I consider myself extremely lucky when it comes to my parents.  We have a great relationship.  My mom is everything you could ever want in a mom.  She is selfless, helpful, supportive, creative, calm and loving.  I have always been close with my mom.  I call her almost daily (Mon-Fri on my way to work!)  I tell her everything.  I enjoy her conversations and her company.  My mom is my biggest supporter in everything I do. She is sweet and always thinking of others.  She takes aweome care of all my brothers and me & my dad!

My dad is a great guy too.  He helps out so many people, especially his family.  My dad pretends to be a tough guy.  But he will laugh, tickle and play with Ryan.  I haven't seen my dad break down too many times.  A few really special moments pop out in my head...

1.  I first moved to Tucson on August 9, 2003.  I went home a few weeks later to visit.  Right before I left, my dad walked me outside and hugged me and prayed that I would get home safely.  He held me again and a few tears fell down his face.  I was his last baby. 

2.  The day Tim asked my dad if he could marry me.  We were at my parents' house and I was in the laundry room folding my laundry.  My dad walked into the laundry room and reached down for me, he hugged me and started crying and told me "You're not my baby girl anymore."  Ask him this now- he'll tell you I still am.

3.  My wedding day.  The last bridesmaid and groomsman (Loni & Brad) had just walked out of the room along with the flower girl & ring bearer (Kylie & Christian.)  My dad and I just stood at the door.  He was staring at me, holding my hand.  The look on his face was probably the happiest I had ever seen it.  It was proud, it was happy, it was holding back tears, as was I.

My dad told me something I'll always remember.  During the summer of 2009, Tim & I took Elyse to Legoland and we invited my parents.  At the end of our stay Elyse wanted something from the gift shop.  She couldn't decide between a yellow lion or a blue octopus.  Tim & I told her that she needed to chose one.  Elyse chose the yellow lion, as I was in line paying for it, my dad took Elyse to the giftshop at the aquarium we went to the day before.  They walked out with the blue octopus.  My dad said "I didn't know this when you kids were younger, but the most important thing in life is to make your kids happy."

Elyse took these guys back to Chicago with her, I wish they stayed- they have such special meaning.  She told me their hiding away in her basement.  Boo.

I have incredible parents who make amazing grandparents.  My kids are so lucky.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 2- Fears

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Yes, I fear that someone I love will pass away.  Especially immediate family or my best girls.  Yes, I am deathly afraid that something will happen to Ryan or Jake.  I read a lot of stuff about children/babies passing away (SIDS, cancer, tumors..) and it breaks my heart each and every time I read those stories.  It makes me appreciate and love my babies even more  I fear all the same things that other mommies do, especially when it comes to my babies.  So- I'll post different fears.

1.  I am afraid of the dark!  Not in my house, but outside when it's cold.  I already don't like cold weather.  But being cold and dark??  Totally freaks me out.  I hate it!  I hate having to run to the grocery store at night in winter.  I hate taking out the trash in winter.  When Tim & I are gone somewhere and it's dark and cold- I always make him walk super close to me.  I just want to hurry up and jump into the car!

2.  I fear that I'll be late to school and my kids will be stuck in the hallway.  Is that weird?  I've been late to work before and even class during college because I forgot to set my alarm.  In the mornings, sometimes I panic trying to look at the clock (stupid eyeballs don't work until I put my glasses on.)  Sleeping in is okay-  I do that a lot. But waking up after 8:30 is scary! haha.  I never want my kids to not have me.  They NEED me at work.  Other jobs are different, sure people depend on you.  But are 27 7 and 8 year olds standing in line at your door waiting to be taught?

3.  Getting fat.  Is that terrible?  Probably. When I first moved to Tucson I gained 21 lbs in only 4 months!  Yikes.  Freshman 10 is definitely true.  I had a case of the Freshman 20s!  I still remember stepping on a scale in January 2004 seeing how much I weight.  You bet your butt I was at the gym and watching what I eat from that day forward.  I lost the weight, thank goodness.  Well 10 of it anyways.  I've always been 10 pounds heavier since High School but that's okay with me.  I've been the same weight for 8 years now.  But I do love my big round baby bellies :)

Totally unrelated but I had to get this in here too.  This week Ryan has learned where his ear is - That makes hair, ear, eye, nose, tongue, belly button, and toes!  He says "moo" when you ask him "What does a cow say?"  That makes neigh (horse) and moo (cow.)  & Yesterday we took him to the little park in our neighborhood and he kept saying "ready" when he wanted to go down the slide!  We say- ready, go!  Love him.

Where is the baby's belly button?

Where is the baby's hair?

 Where is the baby's nose?

Where are the baby's toes?


Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 Days of Me- 20 Random Facts

I debated doing the "30 Days of Me" for a few days because this blog isn't about me.  I made it for Ryan- and now, Jake.  It's mostly for me to remember life with my babies.  For friends and family to catch up on how the babies are doing since they don't get to see them everyday.  & you know, for the lurkers who don't really care about my babies but are just too nosey to leave my blog alone. :)

Anyways- Day 1 is 20 random facts, let's see how I do

1.  I did tap dance for a year in 6th grade, I gave it up to cheer. Looking back I wish I didn't quit, but I can still tap dance now!
2.  I have wanted to be a pediatrician since the 4th grade but all the science classes in college were horrendous.  I took a Children's Literacy class and had to volunteer in a first grade class for 2 hours a week.  I fell in love and found my calling.
3. I became a step mom to a 6 year old at the age of 23.
4.  In high school my favorite color was red and I would always "wear red for the week."  My favorite color is still red but I like purple now too.
5. My favorite animal became a giraffe the summer after I graduated high school when my mom's whole side of the family went to the San Diego zoo and I fell in love with the giraffes.
6.  In high school I used to have cheetos and chocolate milk every day after school.
7.  The first two questions I ever asked Tim were, "What's your name?" & "Do you smoke?"
8. The tag on my comforter always needs to be at the bottom of  Tim's side of the bed.  If he makes it wrong- I always fix it.
9.  I got glasses in February of 4th grade and contacts in September of my freshman year of high school.
10.  I've been blogging since the end of 2002!  RIP Livejournal.  Just kidding- I still have mine.
11.  I know multiplication facts off the top of my head but still use my fingers to add or subtract.
12.  I eat a bowl of cereal at least 5 days a week. 
13.  My toenails are ALWAYS painted.  I think the last time they weren't pained were maybe early high school days.  I can't even remember.
14. I have 8 tattoos and they all have special meaning.  My favorite one is on the back of the neck and I always forget it's there.
15. I was the same exact weight the days I gave birth to Ryan & Jake.
16.  I grade all of my papers at work with a marker.  I think it's more noticable than a red pen.
17. I was afraid to learn how to drive.  My mom actually MADE me drive one night from Miller's Outpost to home.
18.  I love the sound of the vacuum and find it soothing. 
19.  I do not like odd numbers.  At all.  I am so glad both of my babies have even numbered birthdays!! 6/16 and 12/30.
20.  I hardly ever cut my hair, only about 2-3 times a year.

Geez- that was harder than I thought.  But there you have it- 20 things that maybe you didn't know about me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy :)

 I found a few pictures on my memory card that I wanted to share.

Looved this night.  Ryan must have sat in my lap for about 20 mintues with both of his blankies and 2 milk cups while we read book after book after book.  My kind of night!

I usually give Ryan oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.  & I always feed it to him.  I decided that it's time he eats it himself.  Well- he had a few bites and then started playing with it so I took over.  Plus- breakfast with Ryan is one of my favorites, so I was happy to feed him :)

This is Jake last night.  He slept from about 5:30-10:30 last night and I was missing him!   I was happy he woke up so I could get in some snuggles and smiles before I went to bed.

& Lastly, the person I love most in this world celebrated his 31st birthday today.

We went out to dinner with the family.  & now he wants me to watch a movie with him.  I am so not a movie person, too long and not much excitement- I'd rather watch Real Housewives or Teen Mom! ha.  But it's his birthday & that's what he wants so that's what he gets.  Happy Birthday!

Enter to win a personalized book at Baby P Makes Three.

Enter to win a Barney DVD pack at The Mommyhood Chronicles (& then send it to Ryan!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

20.5months & 2months

On Sunday we took the boys to the park for Jake's two month photo shoot.  I put them in their matching shirts thanks to Auntie Loni.  The shirts were a little big for them, but I've been wanting the boys to wear them ever since I got them in the mail.  Here is half of the pictures. 

Ryan's expression is hilarious!

I can't stop looking at their pictures.  They are so so handsome.  Tim & I are so lucky!

Jake turned 2 months (kind of) on Wednesday.  There was no February 30th!  I took him to the doctor and he had to get 3 shots plus the oral vaccination.  Jake was 22.5in long and 10.12lbs.  @ Ryan's 2 month well check he was 22.25in long and 10.4lbs.  So, Jake's a little bigger than Ryan. 

Jake smiles more when you talk to him.  He still sleeps a majority of the day.  He sleeps a longer stretch at night now.  He will sleep 5-6 hours and then wake up every 2-3 hours.  On Monday I started giving him 3.5oz in his bottles, he was getting 3oz when I went to work.  Today Tim said he heard a little giggle from Jake when he was playing with him.  I missed it!  Boo.  I started putting him in 0-3m clothes the day after he turned 7 weeks old.  He isn't as grumpy at night anymore!  I discovered the problem, he will cry a lot when he's overly tired.  I would wake up him at 6:30 to bathe with Ryan.  He loves bathing but then he would cry when I took him out because he was so sleepy. He'd cry until I nursed and swaddled him back to sleep.  I stopped waking him up to bathe.  I'll let him keep his own schedule a little while longer.