Tuesday, March 6, 2012

20.5months & 2months

On Sunday we took the boys to the park for Jake's two month photo shoot.  I put them in their matching shirts thanks to Auntie Loni.  The shirts were a little big for them, but I've been wanting the boys to wear them ever since I got them in the mail.  Here is half of the pictures. 

Ryan's expression is hilarious!

I can't stop looking at their pictures.  They are so so handsome.  Tim & I are so lucky!

Jake turned 2 months (kind of) on Wednesday.  There was no February 30th!  I took him to the doctor and he had to get 3 shots plus the oral vaccination.  Jake was 22.5in long and 10.12lbs.  @ Ryan's 2 month well check he was 22.25in long and 10.4lbs.  So, Jake's a little bigger than Ryan. 

Jake smiles more when you talk to him.  He still sleeps a majority of the day.  He sleeps a longer stretch at night now.  He will sleep 5-6 hours and then wake up every 2-3 hours.  On Monday I started giving him 3.5oz in his bottles, he was getting 3oz when I went to work.  Today Tim said he heard a little giggle from Jake when he was playing with him.  I missed it!  Boo.  I started putting him in 0-3m clothes the day after he turned 7 weeks old.  He isn't as grumpy at night anymore!  I discovered the problem, he will cry a lot when he's overly tired.  I would wake up him at 6:30 to bathe with Ryan.  He loves bathing but then he would cry when I took him out because he was so sleepy. He'd cry until I nursed and swaddled him back to sleep.  I stopped waking him up to bathe.  I'll let him keep his own schedule a little while longer. 

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