Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rodeo Break

 This past weekend was Rodeo Break (Thur-Sun.)  It was nice to back to work for 2 days and then have 4 days off!  I honestly can't remember what we did on Thursday, oops.

Friday was fun- Tim had to work all day so I got the babies up and dressed and we headed to a local bookstore for story time!  I was late and missed the actual story part.  Our friends, Christine, Hannah, and Sam met us there.  Ryan loves playing with Hannah & Sam and I love hanging out talking with Christine.  She is a friend from work.  I had mentioned them once before, Hannah was in my second grade class two years ago.  Later on that night, I took the babies to the carnival at my school.  They had it last year too, and I had a bunch of left over tickets saved and they let me use them.  Hannah, Ryan, and I went into the mirror door fun house.  Ryan was SO funny, he didn't know what to think.  He was walking with his hands out in front of him.  He actually walked straight into the wall twice and I laughed so hard I could barely breathe.  Ryan loved it.  I took Ryan on the big slides they always have at carnivals, I sat him between my legs and held onto his hands, I could hear his little baby giggle the whole way down the slide!  It made my heart happy.  Hannah took Ryan on the little train ride.  He rode it last year too, but he was only 8m old then.

On Saturday we went to the carnival again that night.  Before we left the house we took some pictures!

My whole world <3

Ryan was a lot better in the fun house!  Tim let him walk around and Ryan just kept going back and forth so Tim finally led him out! 

He rode on the airplane ride with Hannah.  Honestly, I was afraid he would try to get out or freak out once the ride started.  But he was so excited, he kept turning the steering wheel and he was waving at me.  He smiled at us every time he past by us! - Well, when he was paying attention to us.

He went through the funhouse again and thought it was so much fun to see Sam on the other side of the glass.

Ryan went on the trains with Hannah.

After they were done with all the rides, they started playing on the jungle gym.  Hannah and Sam were dropping Ryan off at the top of the slide and Tim was catching him at the bottom.  Ryan looved it.

It was freezing and I was wearing a tanktop so we all decided it was time to go home.  & by this time it was 10:00 at night!  I'm glad Ryan wasn't cranky.

Holding hands.

Ryan's bracelet from the carnival, I had to get a picture because it looked so cute on his tiny wrist.

Ryan was so so cute on Saturday night.  It was so fun to watch him ride rides.  I'll never get over just how big he is getting.  He's hardly a baby anymore.  He runs and plays and went on rides!  He's such a big kid.  I think Tim and I spent the whole night smiling at how cute Ryan was.

I can't forget about Jake!  Does anyone else think that babies look so cute in the little gowns??

Ryan concentrating on keeping his little pom poms on the lid of a box!  He did a pretty good job @ it too.

& Pictures from today.

We spent about 20 minutes reading books tonight.  Ryan kept getting books and then he would come sit in my lap with his blankets and his milk and listen to me read his books.  He is so sweet.

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  1. He is soooo fun! I can't wait to go to fair with you guys!

    Someone got Aiden a gown when I was pregnant and I thought it was so weird but I ended up loving it! Especially for middle of the night diaper changes. :)