Monday, October 31, 2011


On Friday night my school held it's annual Harvest Fest.  It's just a little Halloween carnival- this year me & another 2nd grade teacher had a cookie decorating booth.  Tim & Ryan joined me and were one of the first two people to decorate a cookie.  Ryan was SO good the whole night.  He pretty much ran around the gym the entire night and Tim was watching him.  Ryan loved seeing all the other little kids too- he doesn't see little kids too often.  He was even chasing some of them around.

I've been pretty excitied about Halloween for a while now.  It was definitely everything I hoped it would be.  I've never cared too much about Halloween but it's so much different now that we have Ryan.  I got him some Halloween books from the Scholastic Book Order a few weeks back and I made him a card and gave it to him in his pumpkin.  Ryan loves books and will actually listen to me read now-a-days.  Here he is checking out his goodies.

We went over to Grandma's house to do some trick or treating.  Ryan loved the lights that everybody had!  Yes- I know his brown sandles don't match his pirate outfit.  I could not find his second black tennis shoe!  It was driving me nuts so we just went for the brown sandles that don't match- oh well.

Ryan was a little unsure at first.  He wouldn't hold his pumpkin bucket.  Here he is going to his very first house!!  I was such a paprazzi tonight.  Oh well- It's his first time actually trick-or-treating!

After the first couple of houses Ryan loved it!  We went with Tim's brother, his girlfriend, and our niece Kylie.  Ryan would follow Kylie up to the door.  When the people answered the door he would stick his hand up to reach for the candy and then put the candy into his bucket.  Most of the people would let Ryan pick his own candy- and he'd grab one and put it in his bucket, then grab another, and try for another.  He was SO cute.  I'm happy he got the point of trick-or-treating and was able to do it by himself.  He loved holding his pumpkin too!

All by himself, what a big boy :)

Anyways- I couldn't get over how cute he was.  Tim & I were so happy just watching him go up to the doors and get candy.

Afterwards we went back to Grandma's house, ate some dinner, Ryan had a bath, and played with Uncle Tom.

Tonight was so so fun and I'm already excited for next year!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spending time with my baby


I love nights like tonight.  I usually get home from work between 3:45-4:00.  When I come home, I see a sweet little baby boy reaching his arms out to me because he missed me during the day and he wants a hug and for his momma to hold him.  It never gets old and it makes me smile every time. 

I also see toys, crumbs, hand prints, dust, and dishes.  Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that cleaning can wait until Ryan goes to bed.  I come home and want to pick up cars, sweep up the crumbs from the kitchen floor, check my hotmail since I can't at work, lay on the couch and relax.  There is so many things I want to do when I first come home, but playing with my baby is always at the top of my list.  Sometimes I forget and start doing dishes, or windex little handprints off of my coffee table.  Today I didn't forget.  I came home and updated my blog while Ryan sat on my lap and watched- which was easy since I already had the pictures uploaded.  Then we went for a walk and played at the park.  I let him slide down the slide by himself and caught him at the bottom. =(  He's getting so big.  I made bean and cheese quesadillas for Ryan and myself.  (Daddy wasn't hungry.)  I splurged on some blueberries the other day and fed them to Ryan.  Why are blueberries so expensive??  Ryan loves them though.  We played with balls and books.  I gave him a bath.  We read some books, snuggled on the floor, took pictures, giggled, had a baby conversation- I have no idea what he talks about.

& Now that Ryan is peacefully sleeping in his crib I can vacuum my rug, sweep up crumbs, dust the handprints, and wash out sippy cups.

PS- Happy first birthday, sweet baby Peyton!


Last year when I turned 26- we spent the day picking apples, pears, peppers, pumpkins, and walking through a corn maze.  It was so much fun and definitely one of my favorite days with Ryan...

We decided to go again this year!  It's something I have been looking forward to all year!  We left late and by the time we got to Apple Annies there was absolutely NO apples, NO pears, NO anything!  We didn't have enough time to go through the corn maze before they closed.  It was such a dissapointment and as we were leaving- I was so bummed that we had to wait a whole year in order to go back. =(

Playing with his ball, waiting to go to the pumpkin patch.

Ryan did like playing in the corn though.  It made me smile to watch him play.  He kept throwing the corn everywhere.  When we came home that night, I found a piece of corn in his diaper :)

My actual birthday was on Monday.  I took my kids to the pumpkin patch.  But it was hot, too hot to be carrying pumpkins all around.  The kids loved it though, so I can't complain.  That night Tim's mom took us out to dinner at one of our favorite mexican food restaurants.  Yum.  While we were waiting for our food, Ryan colored :)  He's getting better at using crayons.  I, of course, kept his beautiful art work! I had a chorizo and egg burrito with beans.  I've been craving chorizo for weeks.  The servers came out carrying a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  It was delicious!  Tim did a good job picking it out.  I let Ryan eat some by himself and get a little messy.

I guess the lemon was a little too sour- but that didn't stop Ryan from licking it 83454 more times.

The one thing that was missing from my birthday was Ryan.  I missed him.  I think next year I'm going to take the day off to play all day with my babies.  I did get some really awesome cards this year.  I love birthday cards and I love when they actually have meaning to them.  Thanks to everyone who sent one, and to little miss P for finger painting for me!

Snuggling on the couch with momma.

Playing before bed.

& lastly, the other day I was on the computer when I hear Ryan making noise.  I went to go see what he was doing.  He was sitting in the hallway with a tube of m&ms that he took from Elyse's room!  He had dumped them all out and was putting them back into the tube.  Judging by his mouth, I'd say he ate a few too. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ryan's Firsts...

Too many pictures- Get over it!

I recently made a shutterfly book with all of Ryan's "firsts" in it.

First car ride.

First trip to the drs.

First Father's Day.

First bath @ home.

First photoshoot.

First plane ride!

First 4th of July.

First time meeting Cousin Aiden!

First over night stay at Grandma & Grandpa H's.

First time sitting in a bumbo.

First bottle.

First time sucking his thumb.

First time holding something!  A burp cloth @ Target.

First time in the wind (outside of Target!)

First Halloween.  My little monkey.

First time going Trick or Treating.

First Thanksgiving.

First time eating rice cereal.

First time eating solids- carrots!

First Christmas & visit from Santa.

First time playing at the park.

First time swinging by himself.

First baseball game.

First Easter egg hunt.

First Easter. 
First Mother's Day.

First teeth!!

First boat ride.

First time swimming- Lake Roosevelt.

First ice cream- on his first birthday!

First taste of cupcake @ his first birthday party.

First haircut.

Enough pictures for now?  I think so.  I love looking at old pictures.