Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ryan's Firsts...

Too many pictures- Get over it!

I recently made a shutterfly book with all of Ryan's "firsts" in it.

First car ride.

First trip to the drs.

First Father's Day.

First bath @ home.

First photoshoot.

First plane ride!

First 4th of July.

First time meeting Cousin Aiden!

First over night stay at Grandma & Grandpa H's.

First time sitting in a bumbo.

First bottle.

First time sucking his thumb.

First time holding something!  A burp cloth @ Target.

First time in the wind (outside of Target!)

First Halloween.  My little monkey.

First time going Trick or Treating.

First Thanksgiving.

First time eating rice cereal.

First time eating solids- carrots!

First Christmas & visit from Santa.

First time playing at the park.

First time swinging by himself.

First baseball game.

First Easter egg hunt.

First Easter. 
First Mother's Day.

First teeth!!

First boat ride.

First time swimming- Lake Roosevelt.

First ice cream- on his first birthday!

First taste of cupcake @ his first birthday party.

First haircut.

Enough pictures for now?  I think so.  I love looking at old pictures.

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