Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16 months!

Fall break came to an end =(  Boo.  It's always SO hard to return back to work after spending time with my favorite little man.  On Sunday Ryan turned 16 months!  He's just getting so big.  To celebrate we took him to the park to walk around and play and take pictures!  Mommy loves pictures (Daddy loves to take them) & Ryan looves to walk around.

A little blurry- but I love that smile!

I still can't get over how old he is.  Every month when the 16th rolls around it just blows my mind that he has been here with us for another month.  We are so blessed.  I've said it a million times, but does being a mommy ever get old?! 

When I was little- my mom used to come home from work on her lunch breaks.  When I was on break from school she would always make me sandwiches and I'd sit next to her on the couch and watch her soap opera with her.  She would cut my sandwich up in triangles (we called them angels) because that's the way I liked them. Sometimes she'd play bank with me.  Sometimes we'd play poker with the connect 4 pieces.  She made a few of my Halloween costumes on her sewing machine.  I wanted to join soccer, girl scouts, gymnastics, tap, cheerleading, and play the violin, and she let me sign up for whatever sport/activity I wanted.  In Elementary school, they would have days when your parents could come eat lunch with you.  My mom always came on hamburger day because I loved the hamburgers the best.  My mom used to lay with me in my little twin bed and read me stories at night.

As I got older and began having a social life- I wanted a later curfew.  Mom said no.  She would only let me stay out til midnight and occasionally 1am.  But why?  Some of my friends didn't even have a curfew.  She told me that she didn't want me out driving around while people were driving drunk.  She would lay on the couch and wait for me to come home.  Half the time she was sleeping on the couch and would wake up and go to her bed when I came home.  Did she not trust me?  Why was she making sure I came home?  I always came home on time.  I always followed the rules.  She did it because she's a mom.  She did it for the same reason I go into Ryan's room at least 3 or 4 times every night.

My mom would check on me in the middle of the night up until I moved out of my house.  When I was in college and moved away from home, she would STILL check on me when I went home to visit.  She would still come into my room and kiss me good bye before she went to work.  She didn't do these things because she didn't trust me or to make sure I really was still there.  She did these things because even at 20 years old- I was still her baby.

From watching my mother and how she is with me, being a mommy never gets old.  No matter how old Ryan gets- he'll always be my baby.  & I'll be the mom peeking into his room when he visits after he's gone off to college.


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  2. You are a great mommy because your mama taught you right! Good job mamas!