Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Break

Who wouldn't love being a teacher?  We get 3+ day weekends every single month and lots and lots of breaks!  It has been so nice these last two days off doing absolutely nothing but playing with my baby, laying in bed reading my book, cleaning house, doing laundry, being lazy, going for walks.  I could live like this :)  But eventually I'd miss my kids at work.

Have I mentioned we play blocks everynight?  I'm pretty sure I have since all of his bedtime pictures include either blocks or cars- and a sippy cup is not far behind.

Love his little teeth!  They make me smile :)

I could get used to this <3  We love when Ryan is super snuggly.  Sometimes it's with Momma & sometimes it's with Daddy.  I'm lucky Daddy was upstairs so I got the snuggling.

Ordered Ryan's some CP jammies the other day- they were 20% off!  & it only took a few days to come in the mail.  I love these things.  Tim was disapointed that they didn't glow in the dark like last years skeleton pajamas.  But these are cute too since they have candy in the tummy.

I was happy to wake up Thursday morning and be able to make Ryan breakfast!  He's actually getting amd at me in this picture.  Before we eat meals I wash Ryan's hands and I always say "wash hands."  He was coming over to me with his hands in the air and I couldn't grab my camera quick enough for him so he was getting mad.  He didn't want to take a picture- he wanted to wash his hands.

Me & My boys!  Ryan was being snuggly again.  He was playing with his trucks on the table and he walked over to me to give me a hug.

Blocks again- he put all 4 shapes into the lid by himself.

& blocks again! Haha.  Last night when I put Ryan to bed he cried for 20 minutes.  Ugh.  I hate listening to him cry, he usually doesn't.  He usually just plays forever until he falls asleep.  Well last night he cried, and cried, and cried.  After twenty minutes I took him out of his crib and he was just as happy as can be.  I put him on bed so he could play.  He got what he wanted, an extra hour of playtime.  I let him stay up until 9pm.

I think he's teething.  Ryan's such a good sleeper so whenever he wakes up I think there must be something wrong.  A few months back when he was teething, he kept waking up in the middle of the night.  Well for the past week he's been waking up every night around midnight.  Tim gets him out of his crib and hangs with him for a bit, then he brings him into bed with me where we snuggle for 10 minutes or so and I put him back into his crib and he goes to bed.  He's also been waking up earlier, around 8:30 ish.  A few nights ago he woke up at 11 and was up until 1.  He woke up crying and it didn't sound too pretty.  Tim took him because I had a little cold going on.  The next morning (Wednesday) Ryan woke up at 7:00am!  Early bird.  He was just crying and it was so sad.  I had to try and get ready for work and he was just crying.  I couldn't put him down.  I was afraid to leave because he usually cries when I leave.  I put him in bed with Tim and they played peek a boo under the covers while I snuck out.  He's also been drooling.  Let's see if we get any new teeth.  God forbid I stick my finger in his mouth to check.  Last time I stuck my finger in his mouth he bit me so hard and I said "OW!" and Ryan had this horrified look on his face and just started bawling.  I learned my lesson not to stick my finger in a toddler's mouth.

Obsessed with his new ball.  About 3 weeks ago we went to Walmart.  I took this ball out of the big ball pit thing and bounced it and Ryan could not stop laughing.  How could I not have bought this ball for him with his baby giggle?  Tim bounces the ball so high that it touches the ceiling and Ryan just thinks it's the funniest thing ever.

Walking to the park.  He's so independent.

My heart.

We need to go grocery shopping.  I was sitting at the table looking through the weekly ads and writing down whats on sale and where.  Little did I know that Ryan pulled out all the tapes from the cabinet.  Yes I still own my VHS tapes- what am I supposed to do with them?

All caught up on the last few days in pictures.  Now I'm going to lay in bed and read my book.


  1. Love the picture with Ryan and your belly showing!

  2. love all the pics! it makes me laugh when you say "he woke up at 730..early bird" LOL..we are up at 5:30 every single morning! you'd hate having to wake up at that time everyday!

  3. These pictures are so cute! Have a great Saturday!