Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last year when I turned 26- we spent the day picking apples, pears, peppers, pumpkins, and walking through a corn maze.  It was so much fun and definitely one of my favorite days with Ryan...

We decided to go again this year!  It's something I have been looking forward to all year!  We left late and by the time we got to Apple Annies there was absolutely NO apples, NO pears, NO anything!  We didn't have enough time to go through the corn maze before they closed.  It was such a dissapointment and as we were leaving- I was so bummed that we had to wait a whole year in order to go back. =(

Playing with his ball, waiting to go to the pumpkin patch.

Ryan did like playing in the corn though.  It made me smile to watch him play.  He kept throwing the corn everywhere.  When we came home that night, I found a piece of corn in his diaper :)

My actual birthday was on Monday.  I took my kids to the pumpkin patch.  But it was hot, too hot to be carrying pumpkins all around.  The kids loved it though, so I can't complain.  That night Tim's mom took us out to dinner at one of our favorite mexican food restaurants.  Yum.  While we were waiting for our food, Ryan colored :)  He's getting better at using crayons.  I, of course, kept his beautiful art work! I had a chorizo and egg burrito with beans.  I've been craving chorizo for weeks.  The servers came out carrying a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  It was delicious!  Tim did a good job picking it out.  I let Ryan eat some by himself and get a little messy.

I guess the lemon was a little too sour- but that didn't stop Ryan from licking it 83454 more times.

The one thing that was missing from my birthday was Ryan.  I missed him.  I think next year I'm going to take the day off to play all day with my babies.  I did get some really awesome cards this year.  I love birthday cards and I love when they actually have meaning to them.  Thanks to everyone who sent one, and to little miss P for finger painting for me!

Snuggling on the couch with momma.

Playing before bed.

& lastly, the other day I was on the computer when I hear Ryan making noise.  I went to go see what he was doing.  He was sitting in the hallway with a tube of m&ms that he took from Elyse's room!  He had dumped them all out and was putting them back into the tube.  Judging by his mouth, I'd say he ate a few too. 


  1. hahahahahah love that last pic!

  2. I dont even know what a chorizo is!!!

    I wish I could have spent your birthday with you. I miss you.

    I love ryans monster pjs!

  3. I love chorizo but the ingrediants are disgusting! We eat soyrizo now and its yuuuuum yum yummy.

    I laughed a lot in this post, he's silly!