Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spending time with my baby


I love nights like tonight.  I usually get home from work between 3:45-4:00.  When I come home, I see a sweet little baby boy reaching his arms out to me because he missed me during the day and he wants a hug and for his momma to hold him.  It never gets old and it makes me smile every time. 

I also see toys, crumbs, hand prints, dust, and dishes.  Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that cleaning can wait until Ryan goes to bed.  I come home and want to pick up cars, sweep up the crumbs from the kitchen floor, check my hotmail since I can't at work, lay on the couch and relax.  There is so many things I want to do when I first come home, but playing with my baby is always at the top of my list.  Sometimes I forget and start doing dishes, or windex little handprints off of my coffee table.  Today I didn't forget.  I came home and updated my blog while Ryan sat on my lap and watched- which was easy since I already had the pictures uploaded.  Then we went for a walk and played at the park.  I let him slide down the slide by himself and caught him at the bottom. =(  He's getting so big.  I made bean and cheese quesadillas for Ryan and myself.  (Daddy wasn't hungry.)  I splurged on some blueberries the other day and fed them to Ryan.  Why are blueberries so expensive??  Ryan loves them though.  We played with balls and books.  I gave him a bath.  We read some books, snuggled on the floor, took pictures, giggled, had a baby conversation- I have no idea what he talks about.

& Now that Ryan is peacefully sleeping in his crib I can vacuum my rug, sweep up crumbs, dust the handprints, and wash out sippy cups.

PS- Happy first birthday, sweet baby Peyton!

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