Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 10- Embarrassing Moment

Describe your most embarrassing moment.

I wish I had some awesome embarrassing moment that I could share with everyone.  Actually, it's probably better off that I don't.  Nothing totally ridiculous and embarrassing has happened to me.  Only a few slightly embarrassing things.

1. I fell up the stairs in the bookstore my first day of college. Well, I tripped walking up them and fell on my hands and knees.  That was fun.

2.  I've gone into the bathroom after talking with people and have seen a booger in my nose or food in my teeth.  Come on people, let me know whan I have food stuck in my teeth or boogers.

3.  Ryan being super whiney in a restaurant.  I always give him to Daddy- Tim's really good at the whininess in public and will take Ryan outside.

4. Tooting in public. Oops. But I have babies on my hip now a days and it can easily be blamed on them.

If something embarrassing happens in the future, I'll be sure to let you guys know!


  1. Haha these made me laugh. I used to fall walking up the stairs at school in Okinawa alllll the time. I think I'd probably write all of these too!