Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 11- Pet Peeves

Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. Made up abbreviations. Ugh, especially in texting. U and ur are not words.  At least try to make yourself seem educated.

2.  Boobs.  Not boobs in general, but boobs that pop out of girls' shirts.  Seriously, cover them up!

3.  Litter bugs.  I hate when people litter, especially when there is a trash can in plain sight.  I hate it even when there isn't a trash can around.  People complain about how dirty the Earth is, keep your trash to yourself until you're able to throw it away.

4. Unpainted toenails.  Come on girls, if you're going to have your toenails showing at least make them pretty.

5.  The word "miss" as in "mrs."  At school, the older kids see me in the hall way and don't know my name so they say "Excuse me, Mrs."  I know they are being polite, but I would rather they just ask me what my name is.

6. FML.  You're life isn't that bad, stop saying it.

7. Made up names.  Every year when I get my attendance before the first day of school, it's hard for me to pronounce names that I've never seen before and I'm always wondering "boy or girl?"

8. Priorities.  As in, people constantly saying they do what's best for their kid when it's clear they do what's best from themselves.  Just admit it, your kid doesn't come first- you come first.

9.  My copier at work being out of paper, allthetime!!

10.  I'll say something about my home- I hate the bed not being made.  If I come home and it's not made, I alway make it even though I'll be getting right back in and messing up the covers.

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