Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm sitting on the computer looking through my facebook albums of Ryan, wondering "when did my baby get so big?"  I feel a little sad looking at his old pictures.  I miss his long hair and vampire teeth.  Ryan is the sweetest little guy.

He's on the low end of learning new skills and talking.  But I swear, this month he's just been learning new things every day.

I've mentioned it before, but the show I let Ryan watch is Barney.  He's always dancing right along with all the songs they sing on Barney.  One of the songs they sing a lot is "If you're happy and you know it.."  Ryan claps along and raises his hands in the air when they say "Hooray!"  Yesterday afternoon, Tim, Ryan and I were laying in our bed and I started singing the song, and Ryan clapped along at all the right places.  "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands." **clap clap**  He even points to his cheeks when I say "If you're happy and you know it then your face will surely show it."  Cutest thing ever.

He tries really hard to dress himself.  I'll hold out the pants and he sticks his legs in.  I get his shirt ready for him and he sticks his arms in one by one.  When I ask him to get his shoes, he somehow always knows where he put them.  He can always find them whether they are under the table or behind his toy box, he always knows where to find his shoes.

He's really good at following directions.  When I ask him if he wants to watch Barney, he brings me the Wii remote.  Yesterday I told Ryan to get into his car if he wanted to go for a walk.  He stopped what he was doing, walked over to the closet, opened the door and got into his cop car! ha- Tim and I laughed.  When I ask him if he's hungry he says "mmm."  When I ask him if he wants milk, he runs over to the fridge.  When I ask him if he wants "cookies" he runs over to where I keep his snacks.  FYI- all of his snacks are "cookies."  I started calling his animal crackers "cookies" and it just stuck with everything else he snacks on.  When I tell him it's time to take a bath he runs over to the baby gate at the stairs and waits for me to pick him up.  When I tell him it's time to brush his teeth he walks into his bathroom and stands at the sink.

When we tell him that somethings hot, he says "ah" and sticks out his tongue, every time! it's cute :)  He waves to everyone now when we're going for walks. 

I started brushing Ryan's teeth last May when he first got teeth.  I've always sang the ABCs to him when we brush his teeth, when I'm done singing it means it's time to stop brushing and Ryan then sings the ABCs after me.  Well- the words are definitely baby language but the tune is the same. When I'm not brushing his teeth and singing the song he sings right along with me.

He gives kisses without asking for them, especially to Jake.   Tim just started teaching him how to clean up after himself when he throws food on the floor.  Tim gets the trash can out and Ryan picks up his food one by one and throws it in the trash can.  Ryan claps for himself everytime he throws something away.  Sometimes I catch Ryan pick something off of the floor that shouldn't be there (like some sort of trash) and Ryan will walk to the cabinet and throw it in the trash can.

He got his 10th tooth today.  TEN teeth!  ahhhh.  He JUST got his 9th and now he has his tenth.  It makes me sad that he's just growing so fast.  He got one on the bottom  on his left side.  I need to learn names of teeth.  He has three front teeth on the bottom- the extra one that makes his smile funny is on the left.  Then there is a empty spot and then the new tooth he got today.

I already mentioned he started going down the slide by himself on Monday.  What a big boy.

We just started saying "uh oh" to him a few weeks ago when he falls or drops something, he just picked that word up this past week.

Playing with cars :)

He gets his cars and runs them over his face and head.  I always do that to him when we play cars and he just laughs and laughs.  Now he does it himself.

Ryan loves his blankets.  Tonight I put him in his crib and Jake's yellow blanket was on the floor and Ryan yelled at me because he wanted Jake's blanket!  So I gave it to him.

So blessed to have such a perfect little man.


  1. Hahaha he makes me laugh! I love him in his white-tee and plaid shorts with chucks. What a good boy he is!

    Since the kids started brushing their teeth I sing them a song from Barney "Brushing my teeth on top, its so much fun I hate to stop" and so on. Barney loversss!

    You write everything down, love it. I've been bad at it lately and I need to.

  2. But while I'm brushing my teeth and having so much fun, I never let the water run :)

    Can't wait to see our babies play together in just a few weeks!!

  3. I just love him. I cant believe how big he is now.