Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 2- Fears

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Yes, I fear that someone I love will pass away.  Especially immediate family or my best girls.  Yes, I am deathly afraid that something will happen to Ryan or Jake.  I read a lot of stuff about children/babies passing away (SIDS, cancer, tumors..) and it breaks my heart each and every time I read those stories.  It makes me appreciate and love my babies even more  I fear all the same things that other mommies do, especially when it comes to my babies.  So- I'll post different fears.

1.  I am afraid of the dark!  Not in my house, but outside when it's cold.  I already don't like cold weather.  But being cold and dark??  Totally freaks me out.  I hate it!  I hate having to run to the grocery store at night in winter.  I hate taking out the trash in winter.  When Tim & I are gone somewhere and it's dark and cold- I always make him walk super close to me.  I just want to hurry up and jump into the car!

2.  I fear that I'll be late to school and my kids will be stuck in the hallway.  Is that weird?  I've been late to work before and even class during college because I forgot to set my alarm.  In the mornings, sometimes I panic trying to look at the clock (stupid eyeballs don't work until I put my glasses on.)  Sleeping in is okay-  I do that a lot. But waking up after 8:30 is scary! haha.  I never want my kids to not have me.  They NEED me at work.  Other jobs are different, sure people depend on you.  But are 27 7 and 8 year olds standing in line at your door waiting to be taught?

3.  Getting fat.  Is that terrible?  Probably. When I first moved to Tucson I gained 21 lbs in only 4 months!  Yikes.  Freshman 10 is definitely true.  I had a case of the Freshman 20s!  I still remember stepping on a scale in January 2004 seeing how much I weight.  You bet your butt I was at the gym and watching what I eat from that day forward.  I lost the weight, thank goodness.  Well 10 of it anyways.  I've always been 10 pounds heavier since High School but that's okay with me.  I've been the same weight for 8 years now.  But I do love my big round baby bellies :)

Totally unrelated but I had to get this in here too.  This week Ryan has learned where his ear is - That makes hair, ear, eye, nose, tongue, belly button, and toes!  He says "moo" when you ask him "What does a cow say?"  That makes neigh (horse) and moo (cow.)  & Yesterday we took him to the little park in our neighborhood and he kept saying "ready" when he wanted to go down the slide!  We say- ready, go!  Love him.

Where is the baby's belly button?

Where is the baby's hair?

 Where is the baby's nose?

Where are the baby's toes?



  1. Your first paragraph is almost identical to mine :)

  2. I love this post. I completely agree with #2! The few times I've woken up late, I've panicked and my first thought has been my students!! Luckily, I've always made it on time. Almost-my first year, I was late one day! I felt HORRIBLE!

    & I refuse to get fat, too. In high school, I used to wear two pairs of socks just to look thicker. Lol!