Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 Days of Me- 20 Random Facts

I debated doing the "30 Days of Me" for a few days because this blog isn't about me.  I made it for Ryan- and now, Jake.  It's mostly for me to remember life with my babies.  For friends and family to catch up on how the babies are doing since they don't get to see them everyday.  & you know, for the lurkers who don't really care about my babies but are just too nosey to leave my blog alone. :)

Anyways- Day 1 is 20 random facts, let's see how I do

1.  I did tap dance for a year in 6th grade, I gave it up to cheer. Looking back I wish I didn't quit, but I can still tap dance now!
2.  I have wanted to be a pediatrician since the 4th grade but all the science classes in college were horrendous.  I took a Children's Literacy class and had to volunteer in a first grade class for 2 hours a week.  I fell in love and found my calling.
3. I became a step mom to a 6 year old at the age of 23.
4.  In high school my favorite color was red and I would always "wear red for the week."  My favorite color is still red but I like purple now too.
5. My favorite animal became a giraffe the summer after I graduated high school when my mom's whole side of the family went to the San Diego zoo and I fell in love with the giraffes.
6.  In high school I used to have cheetos and chocolate milk every day after school.
7.  The first two questions I ever asked Tim were, "What's your name?" & "Do you smoke?"
8. The tag on my comforter always needs to be at the bottom of  Tim's side of the bed.  If he makes it wrong- I always fix it.
9.  I got glasses in February of 4th grade and contacts in September of my freshman year of high school.
10.  I've been blogging since the end of 2002!  RIP Livejournal.  Just kidding- I still have mine.
11.  I know multiplication facts off the top of my head but still use my fingers to add or subtract.
12.  I eat a bowl of cereal at least 5 days a week. 
13.  My toenails are ALWAYS painted.  I think the last time they weren't pained were maybe early high school days.  I can't even remember.
14. I have 8 tattoos and they all have special meaning.  My favorite one is on the back of the neck and I always forget it's there.
15. I was the same exact weight the days I gave birth to Ryan & Jake.
16.  I grade all of my papers at work with a marker.  I think it's more noticable than a red pen.
17. I was afraid to learn how to drive.  My mom actually MADE me drive one night from Miller's Outpost to home.
18.  I love the sound of the vacuum and find it soothing. 
19.  I do not like odd numbers.  At all.  I am so glad both of my babies have even numbered birthdays!! 6/16 and 12/30.
20.  I hardly ever cut my hair, only about 2-3 times a year.

Geez- that was harder than I thought.  But there you have it- 20 things that maybe you didn't know about me.


  1. My toenails are ALWAYS painted, too!!

  2. Yay! I found it! :) Oh jeez now I'm the lurker! haha. I had no idea we had the most random weird things in common! haha. I HATE odd numbers too (I've finally come to terms with the fact that I must have some sort of OCD lol), I thought I wanted to be a doctor or lawyer while growing up but then interned in a 1st grade classroom in college and fell in love, my favorite animal is a giraffe which happened right after high school too (I've fed them at the Phx & SD zoos in the last few years - they're such cool animals - when I have babies, its going to be giraffe everything haha), I seldom cut my hair (once a year, maybe... eek, I need to do it more), I eat cereal almost every day, I was terrified of driving and didn't learn until I was forced to at 18 because otherwise I wouldn't have had a way to get to my classes at ASU, I had a duvet I used to be adamant about the tag being in the left corner of the bed haha, my toenails have never not been painted since I was a preteen probably (unpainted girl toes gross me out for some reason), I still use my fingers to add & subtract (and not just to model... it's for real! haha) but know all my multiplication facts, I freakishly enjoy vacuuming, and I always grade with a marker although Erik recently got me cute colored pens I've been using but up until then I always used markers because I thought it looked cuter (and doesn't blend in since its the same thickness as their writing). Plus, I think red pens are harsh for some reason. Haha soo sorry for responding to like the whole thing but in all our days of LJ-ing, I never knew we had so many things in common that are so random haha must be a Rebecca thing!

    - Becca (Harden) :) -- hopefully I'll have a blogspot one of these days, I keep meaning to make a teaching one... one of these days!