Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 3- parents

Yesterday was SO busy.  Today the babies are napping and Tim is working so I have a few minutes.

I consider myself extremely lucky when it comes to my parents.  We have a great relationship.  My mom is everything you could ever want in a mom.  She is selfless, helpful, supportive, creative, calm and loving.  I have always been close with my mom.  I call her almost daily (Mon-Fri on my way to work!)  I tell her everything.  I enjoy her conversations and her company.  My mom is my biggest supporter in everything I do. She is sweet and always thinking of others.  She takes aweome care of all my brothers and me & my dad!

My dad is a great guy too.  He helps out so many people, especially his family.  My dad pretends to be a tough guy.  But he will laugh, tickle and play with Ryan.  I haven't seen my dad break down too many times.  A few really special moments pop out in my head...

1.  I first moved to Tucson on August 9, 2003.  I went home a few weeks later to visit.  Right before I left, my dad walked me outside and hugged me and prayed that I would get home safely.  He held me again and a few tears fell down his face.  I was his last baby. 

2.  The day Tim asked my dad if he could marry me.  We were at my parents' house and I was in the laundry room folding my laundry.  My dad walked into the laundry room and reached down for me, he hugged me and started crying and told me "You're not my baby girl anymore."  Ask him this now- he'll tell you I still am.

3.  My wedding day.  The last bridesmaid and groomsman (Loni & Brad) had just walked out of the room along with the flower girl & ring bearer (Kylie & Christian.)  My dad and I just stood at the door.  He was staring at me, holding my hand.  The look on his face was probably the happiest I had ever seen it.  It was proud, it was happy, it was holding back tears, as was I.

My dad told me something I'll always remember.  During the summer of 2009, Tim & I took Elyse to Legoland and we invited my parents.  At the end of our stay Elyse wanted something from the gift shop.  She couldn't decide between a yellow lion or a blue octopus.  Tim & I told her that she needed to chose one.  Elyse chose the yellow lion, as I was in line paying for it, my dad took Elyse to the giftshop at the aquarium we went to the day before.  They walked out with the blue octopus.  My dad said "I didn't know this when you kids were younger, but the most important thing in life is to make your kids happy."

Elyse took these guys back to Chicago with her, I wish they stayed- they have such special meaning.  She told me their hiding away in her basement.  Boo.

I have incredible parents who make amazing grandparents.  My kids are so lucky.


  1. And I'm lucky to have them too! Your Dad gets so emtional when it comes to his grandbabies. When we went on vacation last summer, he gave Steven money specifically for zoo souvenirs for the kids and told him the same thing he told you. :)

    1. We are so lucky! :)

      Did you get the kids some souvenirs??

      Someone is trying to search for you in my search bar! They tried by your initials, first & last, and first & middle name. Weird.

  2. Rian got a little panda bear stuffed animal and Aiden got a bunch of little plastic animals and we bought them Jelly Bellies that we still have!

    People are stalkers- leave us alone.