Thursday, December 13, 2012

JTR- 11 months

-Jake Tyler-  
I could sit here and talk about how perfect you are, how amazing this month has been, and how it's been incredible watching you grow.. But I'm just constantly repeating myself because I know I have said it on every other blog post in here.  You know what?  You ARE perfect.  This month has been AMAZING.  & It sure is incredible to watch you grow.
You have the most beautiful big blue eyes.  The sweetest smile..  & a laugh that can make my tummy have butterflies.
Every time I look at you (& your brother) I think of how incedibly blessed I am.  More blessed than I could ever deserve.  I am your momma.  You are my baby.  Your daddy's and mine.  I could never ask for anything more than you & Ryan.
This month you have become sweeter.  Eaten more foods.  Learned how to crawl faster and faster.  Had your first Thanksgiving.  Had your first alone time with Momma & Daddy when big brother stayed with Grandma for two days.
You eat three meals a day.  You have 4 sippy cups of milk (Alimentum) a day.  You love your blankets.  You suck your thumb when you are sleepy.  While it drives me crazy to think you might still be a thumb sucker when you are 7.. You have got to be the cutest thumb sucker there is.
 Oh yeah- you had your first bowl of spaghetti!  Daddy yelled at momma for not putting sauce on it.. but I was afraid it might hurt your tummy.  The next day you had leftovers and Daddy gave you spaghetti sauce to go with it.  I think your tummy is feeling better.  I've given you mac & cheese and you tolerate it quite well.  You've also had rice with cream of mushroom & you tolerate that too.  However, I won't switch to regular formula, just in case.
 Here is your 11 month picture.  Aren't you just so so cute?? I have looked at this picture a million times.
We took you to the doctor on Nov 27- 3 days short of being 11 months.  You were 15.13 lbs and 28 inches long.  You are pretty tiny.. but you are healthy and growing.   Your brother and sister are pretty small too.  At least you aren't a giant.
Now that you are 11 months old, momma is planning your 1st birthday party!! Your birthday shirt came in the mail on Monday.  It's pretty cute.  You're having a pirate party!  We're inviting all of our family over to celebrate your first year of life.
 I love you more than life.

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