Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Came a Little Early This Year

I have a few blogs to post!  I need to get them posted before December is over... so here we go!
On 12/14 was my work's annual Christmas party.  It also landed on the same weekend that my mom comes into town every year.  The second Friday of December, my mom gets a half day at work.  She says it's for "holiday shopping."  I'm sure it is, but how cool is it that her work gives her time off of work to get some shopping done?  Well, ever since I moved to Tucson mom comes up here the second week of December and we do some holiday shopping.
This is also the first year that Dad came into town with her for the holiday shopping weekend.
On Friday night, Tim & I got dressed and headed out the door!  My parents took the kids out to dinner and then back to their hotel!  I couldn't protest since Dad goes to bed early.  If he didn't come with, my mom would have stayed at our place in Elyse's bed.
We had fun, socializing, a little drinking.. not much on my part, I think I am officially over any type of alcohol.  In the past 3 years I have only had about 4 beers, and that's 4 too many.  So I've said it, I'm so over it.  It was fun to get out of the house, have a good dinner without the cooking or cleaning up, and stay out a longer than usual without the kids.
First thing in the morning, I called my mom and told her to bring them back!  She said they were good little boys :)
On Saturday, Tim & my dad worked on our back yard.  I don't know if I mentioned.. but when we moved into our new home, the back yard was pretty gross.  It was filled with weeds, over grown trees, and tree stump after tree stump after tree stump.  My dad brought all his tools over and got straight to work on the backyard on Saturday.  Tim went out there and started working too.  Thank goodness!  It looks a million times better.  They did almost half the back yard.  Since then, Tim has worked on more of the back yard.  I try to help but it takes too long and it's boring.  I helped rake for maybe like 20 minutes before I came back inside.  Tim's been wanting to get some grass seed for the yard so maybe that's something we can get done soon.
Anywaaaays.  Mom, Ryan, and I went to JoAnn to pick out fabric.  Ever since we moved into this house I have not really decorated much or done anything with any of the rooms!  Ryan's nursery used to be monkeys and green & tan but I didn't want that anymore.  He isn't a baby and the little animal theemed nursery didn't fit him anymore.  I haven't put anything on the walls or painted.
We picked out fabric for a new quilt for his twin bed (coming June 2013) and curtains!  --Since then we HAVE redone his room.  Can't wait to show you guys pictures!
It took us a few hours to pick out the perfect fabric but I know it will go perfectly in his new room :)
That night we went to Winterhaven.  It's a big neighborhood where everyone decorates with lights.  It's blocked off to cars so you can walk through the neighborhood.  It's become a yearly tradition.  We stop and get hot cocoa at the gas station next door and walk around looking at lights.  It actually takes a few hours.  It was fun to bring my parents along with us this year.
One of the houses had a photobooth with props set up.  Props aren't that pretty to look at with a toddler and a baby!  You can see Jakey's prop sitting next to him.  I could't even tell you which props they are holding.
& Here is Ryan with Justin Beiber.  He was staring at him pointing at his big elf ears.  Then he started looking at his bling bling watch and necklace!  It was pretty funny.. I finally got him to look but if you look close enough his little finger is still pointing at his gold necklace.  Maybe he was trying to tell us he wanted one too.
After a few hours of walking it was already pretty late and we decided it was time to go home and go to sleep!
The next morning Santa arrived with Mom & Dad.  He brought us a new washing machine. We were borrowing someone's who needed it back the previous day.  I was pretty bummed about it.  The laundry smells of an almost 1 year old and a 2.5 year old aren't pretty.  Ryan was pretty excited about it too!  Yes, my dryer is ugly but it was only $35 at a yard sale and we were lucky enough to score it the weekend we moved in!
Santa also brought a whole kitchen filled with groceries!  It sure as heck beats weekly shopping trips with two little monkeys :)
Blogger isn't letting me click underneath this picture to continue writing, so I guess I'll stop here & say Thanks Mom & Dad!

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