Monday, December 31, 2012

Jake's Pirate Party

We celebrated Jake's first birthday at our house on December 29 @ 4:00.  I planned a pirate party when he was just itty bitty.  Are all moms party crazy?  They aren't big parties but I do like to decorate and make them special.  I already have Ryan's 3rd birthday party planned too :)
Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of the food table!  Ahh. You can see it in one of the pictures below with Ryan.  We had pirate dogs, fish and chips, popcorn and pretzels!  Thanks to daddy for customizing some signs for me.  Daddy also decorated the high chair!  He did Ryan's on his first birthday too.


After enjoying some hot dogs (I didn't even like hot dogs until this past Easter, yum!) and fish & chips it was time to sing happy birthday to my baby.  Once I stuck the candle in his cupcake my heart started pounding a little harder and faster.  How could my little baby be a year old already??  =(  We sang "Happy Birthday" & I gave the cupcake to Ryan, he tried blowing it out twice.  Momma ended up blowing out the candle and making a wish for the upcoming year.
Jakey went to town on his cupcake!  He LOVED it!  It was the first time he had eaten anything sweet.  Baby loved that cupcake and ate about 3/4 of it.  We all had so much fun watching him eat it.  We were acting like the papparazzi, getting in tons of pictures.
Ryan wanted some of Jakey's cupcake so I gave him his own cupcake and passed them out to everyone.
All done!  Jakey with his white frosting face and Ryan with his red frosting face.
The aftermath of Jake's first cupcake.
Kind of reminded me of Ryan's first cupcake...
I gave him a quick bath and it was now time to open presents!  He got some new clothes, pajamas, snacks, toys, a book, some Little People toys and balloons.  Thanks everyone :)
Grandma & Grandpa R
                       Grandma & Grandpa H                          
Great Grandpa & Great Grandma
Daddy & Momma! <3
Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Jake's first year of life! 

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  1. Jake looks like he's clapping in a lot of the pictures! Love him!