Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ryan- 2.5 years old

I haven't written an update on Ryan in a while.  He is doing so many new things and learning so much that I thought it's about the time that I sit here and write it all down.

November & December were such big learning months for him.

A week before Thanksgiving, we went to JoAnn to get wooden letters for Jake's room.  Ryan was so excited he ran up the letters and started pulling them off the shelf.  Not only was my 2 year old pulling them off the shelf, he was identifying them as he was looking at them.  "M," "N," "K,"O."  Tim and I just looked at each other.. No way.  How the heck does he know his letters?  I know he can SAY them but I didn't know he could IDENTIFY them.  So I kept holding them and asking him what they were and he kept telling me the RIGHT answers.

I had bought Ryan a few puzzles for Christmas.  When we got home I opened up a Melissa & Doug alphabet puzzle for him & this kid was in heaven.  He was identifying at least half of the letters and I felt so proud of him.  We have been working on his puzzle and his bath foam letters and within a week he could identify every single letter!  My mom helped with him too, she had him for two days before Thanksgiving and worked on his letters with him.    It took him about a month to say the letter "L." For whatever reason, he always skipped over that one.  As of this past week, he finally will say the letter L.  When he says his ABCs, he can say "A, B, C, D, E" & "W, X, Y, Z."  We are still working on everything in between.

On top of letters, we have been working on numbers.  First he learned 5, then 2.. followed by everything else.  He can identify the numbers 1-9.  5 is his favorite number.  We are working on counting.  He can count all the way up to ten.  Sometimes he makes mistakes.. sometimes he leaves out the number 4.  Pretty soon we will have 100 percent accuracy.

He likes shapes too.  He can point out and identify stars and circles.  He sure loved Christmas time and seeing stars all over the place.

He is becoming quite the little helper.  He wants to help us do everything.  He loves to help cook and bake.  He likes to crack eggs and help stir.  He helped mommy bake cupcakes & loved every minute of it.

His expressive language skills are really starting to take off.  He is now over 100 words.  He can form simple sentences.  He can also say which objects belong to a person, for example "momma car," "Jakey cup."  He now tells us when he is hungry by saying "eat."  He used to just get whiney and grumpy.  The other morning he told me "eat" and I asked him if he wanted cereal.  He said "No."  "eggs, juice."  That was the first time he has told me what he wanted to eat.

We had a step stool outside acting as stairs to Ryan's climber.  Well, I brought it in one day because he was always wanting up when I was cooking.  This new step stool has become his very best friend. This kid pulls the step stool all over the house.  It definitely came in handy these last few weeks with Christmas cookies and Jakey's birthday cupcakes on the counter.  Ryan will, very sneakily, drag the stool over to the counter as quiet as he can until he does see me any more and then pull it as fast as he can.  He thinks he has it all figured out.

He also uses it when we make waffles or toast.  He loves to wait for the food to pop up.

Ryan loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy.  He loves to wear shoes.  He is always asking us to put shoes on.  He doesn't like to wear socks without his shoes on, he pulls them off.  He doesn't like wearing jackets.  He takes those off too. He is FINALLY starting to tell me when he needs a new diaper. Maybe potty training is coming sooner than I thought it would.  We will see.  He loves to do puzzles and play with cars.  He is crazy about the alphabet.  He got a magna doodle for Christmas and is always asking me to draw letters on it, mostly X or W.  He loves to sing songs.

He is DEFINITELY two.  He was the sweetest little guy... but now is age is showing through his cute little face.  He doesn't really take naps anymore.  He doesn't want to go to bed at night.  He will cry for only a minute though and then goes right to bed since he didn't take a nap earlier.  He sometimes likes to share.  He sometimes doesn't like to share.  He likes to squeal and scream and run around like a mad man.  He's loud and crazy.

He is 23.5 pounds.  He is wearing a size 5 shoe.  His shirts, pants, shorts, and pajamas are all size 18m.  He can wear some 2T shirts and pajamas but they are a little big.

On December 22, after 2 years 6 months and 6 days, we moved his car seat from rear facing to forward facing.  He really likes it.  All I ever hear now is "Momma, a X" and "Momma, a car!" and "Momma a H." Over.  And Over. And Over.  He is seeing all sorts of things he used to not be able to see.  I wanted him rear facing until he was 2.5 and we made it!  

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