Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ryan's First Sleepover

When I was pregnant with Ryan, my mom and I made a deal.  She would get to take Ryan the first weekend of every month once I was done breast feeding.  We would meet in the little town of Gila Bend (half way point) and drop off/pick up Ryan.  He nursed until he was 10 months old.  Did I let my mom take Ryan for an over night?  Heck no!  I think she was smart enough to never ask either.  He was my baby, I wasn't letting him out of my sight. 
Well, after Ryan turned 1.. I think he was almost 1.5, my mom asked to take him back to Yuma for a few days... I thought about if for like half a second and told her that I wasn't ready to let him go.  Okay, she understood.  She even admitted that she didn't think I would let her take him.
My dad has joked a few times.. okay he was probably totally serious but I always took it as a joke.. that he wanted to take Ryan to Yuma with him for a WEEK.   Oy. 
After Ryan turned two, I was thinking that I probably needed to start letting him go a little more.  Okay okay- so I started going to the grocery store without him.  That's how I started letting go.  Since the day I got pregnant with him, Ryan's always been with me.  Even if I need to pick something up at the grocery store or run to the post office- I take Ryan with me.
At the beginning of November my mom asked the dreaded question.  "When I come to Tucson can I take Ryan back with me for a couple days?"  Ahhh.  My heart started racing and I wanted to tell her "No way!".. but I stopped thinking of me for a minute and started thinking of my mom and Ryan.  I told her I would think about it.  I asked Tim who told me he didn't want Ryan to go but it was up to me.  Of course Tim doesn't want Ryan to go- Ryan has Tim wrapped around his little finger.
I thought and thought and thought some more but I still didn't want to let him go.  I did what every other mother would do- I posted my question on Facebook.  Everyone who replied told me that it was okay to let him go to Grandma's house.  Even the girls I work with told me to let him go to Grandma's house.
I was started to give in to the thought of Ryan leaving me for a night or two.  I wasn't ready to tell my mom that he could go yet.  I needed a few days to soak it all in and prepare.  Sounds so silly.. but I am totally serious!
The weekend that my mom came into town to watch the kids because Tim & I went to a wedding in Phoenix- my mom stayed until Monday.  She wanted to take Ryan back with her on Monday afternoon.  Well, on Sunday night my mom and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and painting our toe nails.  She hadn't brought up Ryan going back with her, I wanted to initiate conversation about it but I was seriously so nervous.  You know back in high school when you had your first boyfriend and you want to hold their hand but you're too scared too.. but you can't stop thinking about it?? Yeah that was me.
Okay okay- I finally brought it up.  I told my mom that Ryan didn't yet have a backpack for his first over night.  You know what her response was "Let's go to Target!!" Ha.  So we did just that, except Target was already closed.. so we had to drive to Walmart.  After searching, we finally saw the little toddler backpacks.  A Cars backpack, how perfect.  She got the backpack for him and when we got home I packed it, along with some toys and his snack cup.  My heart sank a little bit seeing his stuff sitting on the counter just waiting for the next morning.
The next morning, I had left for work before anyone else was up.. When I knew the kids were up I called my mom and told her to stop by with Ryan so I could see him before they left.
Daddy actually had a hard time saying bye too!
Well- Mom finally showed up to my work and I only got to spend a few minutes with Ryan because I had to pick up my kids from recess.  She must know how crazy I am because she text me at every stop they made on the way to Yuma to tell me what Ryan was doing. 
She even posted these sweet little pictures of him on Facebook. 
My baby with his first back pack!
Mom did a good job at calming mommy and daddy who were missing their baby boy with phone calls and pictures.  Ryan had so much fun hanging out in Yuma with his Grandma & Grandpa.
One good thing did come out of it, I got to spend two days with my little man.  No one to steal his toys and splash him in the tub- he was loving it!

After 48 hours, we went to Yuma for Thanksgiving Break and my baby was alive and happy!  Mommy & Daddy made it through Ryan's first over night.  I told my mom not to ask again for another year :)


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