Sunday, April 13, 2014

Soccer Mom

I finally signed Ryan up for soccer!  I've been pretty excited about him starting since I signed him up. I've been talking to Ryan about it too to hopefully get him excited.  The day of his first practice Daddy took him to the store to buy soccer cleats and shin guards and Ryan picked out his very first pair of soccer cleats.

Before we left the house I got him to pose for a few pictures.

Watching him play was everything I thought it would be.  He's so stinkin' cute.  Daddy practiced with him while Jake and I sat on the field and watched.  He practiced running and kicking the ball.  He's a little shy and he's one of the younger ones on the team.  He's not afraid to run after the ball but won't take the ball away from someone else who has the ball.

We had to teach him that you don't use your hands in soccer.  Hopefully we can put Ryan in many different sports and activities until he is old enough to choose which one he likes.  I hope he sticks with soccer for a while because he sure is cute.

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