Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Ramblings

Let's see if I can talk about (or remember) all of the things that happened in April!!  Okay so besides, soccer, Yuma,  Sea World, the fair, and Easter.. we also went to the Davis Monthan Air Show.  We took the kids two years ago, it only comes every other year.  For whatever reason, that day was freezing cold and Jake was just an itty bitty baby.  We literally walked in, walked for a few minutes, and left because it was too cold for the boys to be out.

We waited for what seemed like forever, but the boys got to tour a super huge airplane and Ryan and Jake got to sit in cockpit and test out the pilots chair.  Check out the smile on Ryan?  He loved it!!

The boys also had their semi annual dentist check ups.  This is Ryan's fourth and Jake's second.. I think.  I can't keep up anymore.  The dental hygienist wanted to take x-rays of Ryan's teeth!  I couldn't get over how cute he was sitting in the chair getting x-rays.  Or not getting x-rays, Ryan had a hard time biting onto that thing that you're supposed to bite onto and she couldn't quite get the pictures like she needed to so she skipped that.

Jakey still isn't too nice to the dentist.  He doesn't want to show him his teeth or open his mouth.  Instead he stares and me and gives me the evil eye asking me to come rescue him.

But they got their balloons and new tooth brushes and stickers and were just as happy as ever.  See ya again in 6 months, dentist!

The boys still did gym class.  If your little one ins't in gym class- get them in!  The boys love it and the place is huge with so much fun stuff for them to do.  

Ryan still loves learning...

& Jakey still loves snuggling...

Now off to make some memories in May!

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