Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 45

I had today & yesterday off for Fall Break.  So happy to spend an extra 2 days straight with Ryan.  We went shopping all day today!  I got him some Christmas presents.  We were leaving the mall and it was super windy.  Ryan has never been in the wind before- he was making the funniest faces when we got outside.  He was trying to catch his breath and his eyes got all big, his hair was flying everywhere.  I stopped to stare & giggle at him.  He laughs at me every time I laugh at him.  This is him laughing at me- laughing at him.  He just recently started sticking his tongue out.  He is so cute.

After the mall we headed to Target.  We were looking at baby toys.  I held this giraffe in front of Ryan to show it to him.  When I started to put it back on the shelf he grabbed on to it.  I took that as "Hey Mom- I like this toy." So I bought it for him.  Spoiled little baby already.

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