Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 87

This is yesterday's post.  I was too tired to come upload a picture.  Does anyone know how busy the life of a working mom to a brand new baby is?!  I wake up at 6:45-7 every morning.   Get ready for work, pump milk, pack Ryan's diaper bag, make lunch, get to work by 8:00.  Work from 8-4.  Drive to Grandma's to pick up Ryan.  Usually get home around 5ish.  Play with Ryan. Make/eat dinner.  Bathe Ryan at 6:30.  Play some more.  Feed Ryan.  Put Ryan to bed at 7:45.  Clean a little- do some dishes.  Hang w/ Tim.  Take a shower.  Pump more milk.  & then it's usually after 10 and I'm exhausted.

But, I wouldn't change it for a thing :)  So- when I skip a day here or there- it's okay for me to cheat and post a picture the next day!


  1. I don't know how you do it, you're such an amazing Mommy! Ryan's so blessed. :)

  2. I cannot imagine, but you are a great Mom! I HIGHLY respect working mothers :-)