Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 106

I had to take Ryan to the doctor today for a weight check.  I took him for his 6m appointment on Friday, he was 12lbs 8oz.  He had only had a 4 oz weight gain in the past 2 months.  So- the instructions were to bottle feed him (breast milk) after each feeding, and to feed him cereal and solie for breakfast and dinner.  Well- I couldn't get him to eat both cereal and a solid for breakfast.  So breakfast it was cereal.  Dinner was cereal and either carrots (Friday) or pears (Sat + Sun.)  I think he likes carrots more than pears.  Anyways, I took him into the doctor this morning, and he was 12lbs 14oz.  He had gained 6oz in 3 days.   His pediatrician wants him to be about 15lbs.  We're getting there.  They think he is little.  I think he is perfect :)

I'm working with Ryan on a daytime schedule since I have the next 2 weeks off.  So far- it's pretty consistent.  He wakes up about 9:00- diaper change, nurse, bottle, cereal.  Get dressed about 9:45.  Play a little & Christmas shop with Mommy.  11:45- nurse.  12:00- naptime.  He sleeps 1-2 hours.  2:00ish -Wake up.  Nurse & bottle.  Play play play play play play snuggle.  6:00-nurse, cereal, eat some pears.  6:30- bath time, lotion, jammies.  Play a little more.  7:30- nurse and fall asleep.  7:45- crib!


  1. keep up the good work mamma!! Don't let people telling you he's little stress you out...I've been there (I have 2 of the smallest kids ever!) and it gets old really fast having everybody freaking out about it! They made us take bek to a specialist and do all kinds of blood work and everything was just fine...just that she's little! When she was 2, they told us to add butter and cheese to everything so that she'd gain...I never did though because I didn't want her having terrible eating habits when she's older! He's a doll and as long as he's healthy that's what's important!:) Enjoy your 1st Christmas with him!!!

  2. he is growing up SO fast!!! He is the most adorable thing ever!