Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 98

On Friday night was my work Christmas party.  Which also happened to be mom and dad's first night out since Ryan has been born.  My mom came into town so I felt a lot better about leaving him.  I'm not sure I'm ready to let anyone else do bedtime with him, besides my mom.  I only got to spend about an hour with him on Friday.  I had fun out with friends, but it sure was nice to run up the stairs and peek into my baby's room when I got home :)

A few weeks before I had Ryan, I started getting anxiety about bringing a baby home.  Feeling a little sad that it would no longer just be Tim & I.  We would always, always have a little person around.  That sure has changed.  I can never even leave Ryan.  He is always with me.  If I have to get something at Target, or pick up milk at the grocery store- I buckle Ryan into his carseat and bring him with me.  I miss him when he's sleeping.  He really has blessed our lives and made living so much better.  He is right next to me, with his skin touching mine, sleeping, and just so perfect.  I can never get enough of him.


  1. He looks so big and grown up in this picture!

  2. That is so sweet Rebecca. I love reading your blogs :)