Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 119

Eating dinner w/ Mommy.  Ryan's dinner got cut out!  He had peaches, I had swedish meatballs and rice.

Playing with Daddy.

Today marks the end of my 16 day winter break!  I have to go to work tomorrow.  I'm feeling sad about it.  Ryan has done so many new things in the past 16 days. 

-Started solids- carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, bananas,  peas, and peaches.
- Had his first solid poop!  & it was pretty sad.  He just started screaming =(
-Rolled over from back to tummy!  He has tried a million times before but his arm always got stuck so he went back to his back.
-Now that he can roll both ways, he rolls around his room to play with all his toys.
-Had his first Christmas.
-When Daddy goes outback, Ryan & I will walk to the glass window and bang on the window (I hold his hands to do it) & Daddy bangs back.  Ryan banged on the window by himself yesterday!
-Started wearing size 2 diapers.
-Tried Gerber Graduate Peach Puffs  & loves them.
-Has added the "a" sound after consonants.

I am SO sad about leaving him in the morning.  I look forward to him waking up every morning so I can pick him up out of his crib and snuggle.  I've already cried 3 times since he went to bed.  I hope he has a good day tomorrow & I can't wait to pick him up at 4:30!

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