Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 198

Ryan fell asleep early tonight.  After his bath he was already cranky. =(  So I gave him his bottle early and he fell asleep a little after 7.  I don't like when he goes to bed early.  I want to play!  I have checked on him 3 times since he fell asleep and each time he is laying differently.  He moves around and wiggles a lot.  He is so cute.

& Second, I finished a book tonight.  I bought it last Tuesday, "Heart of the Matter" by Emily Giffin.  Love all of her books & you should go get them from Target if you haven't read them.  I read 2 chapters on Tuesday night, two on Wednesday night.  & Then I couldn't put it down on Thursday until tonight.  Which is hard because I have Ryan and we're always playing.  So during nap time and before bed I spent the whole time reading.  It's always a little sad when you finish a book and you don't ever know what happens to the characters.  Then you realize they are completely fictional.

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