Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 241

Tonight's dinner was mashed potatoes, chicken, and carrots.  Yummy.  Except he gets it all over his hands, and then he rubs his eyes, and the food gets into his eyes and so he rubs them again, more food in his eyes, in his hair, all over his chest, etc.  Tim had to take him upstairs for his bath while I cleaned up his baby tray and the floor around his high chair.

Playing with toys before bed time.

Climbed onto the ottoman to ruin my nice stack of weekly grocery ads.

Last night Ryan slept horrible.  He was up from 10:30-1, crying & whining.  He would scream when I laid him in his crib.  So he slept on top of me, and kept flopping his head all around and making noises.  My poor baby.  I was getting sad =(  I gave him tylenol and a bottle.  He finished the bottle and started crying.  Nothing was working until he finally fell asleep at 1.  Pretty sure he is teething.  On the bottom you can see his gums are raised a little and you can almost see two little teeth.  So tonight we went to Target to get some Orajel, I hope that works.  I don't like seeing my baby be miserable.

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