Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 267

We left Yuma today right before noon.  I wanted to leave right at Ryan's naptime so he would be able to sleep during the drive back to Tucson.  He slept about 3 hours.  & I slept almost the whole way too.  Poor Tim.  However, Ryan's big ol carseat prevents me from leaning my chair back at all, so I wasn't too comfortable.  But I did get some sleep!  I am an awesome sleeper who can sleep pretty much anywhere.  I thank my dad for that.

Yuma was fun.  Lots of playing with the kids.  Got to spend the whole time with my mom, she took off Thursday & Friday off of work and had Monday off as well.  My Grandparents came over for dinner one night.  My niece, Haley came over as well.  It was nice seeing her.  Every time I see her I'm just amazed at how grown up she is!  She used to be my little baby.  Now she is 13!  Yikes.

Ryan was a brat in Yuma.  Crying for me every time I left the room.   He had a hard time falling asleep.  We took him for walks every night to fall asleep.  He only slept through the night once, other times he was waking up screaming and I'd have to rock him back to sleep.  The first morning we were there he woke up at 6am, and another morning at 5.  I think he was a little homesick.

Tonight, when I laid him in his crib, I turned on his mobile and he looked up and was smiling at it.  & he went to sleep so peacefully.  He missed his own bed.  He's so sweet.

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