Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 279

Elyse & Kylie trying on their life jackets.

Leah, E, and Kylie on the boat.

Daddy & Bubby hanging out.  Ryan's first boat ride!

Ryan's first time swimming!  & in the lake!  I had to keep pulling his life jacket down.  He looked so cute.


Elyse and I after our showers.

Tim's family decided to take a camping trip out at the lake.  Tim's parents, his brother, Tom, his gf, Caitlyn, and his daughter, Kylie, his sister, Jenn and her friend Paige, & Tim's uncle, aunt, and cousin, & then Tim, Elyse, Ryan and I all went up to Roosevelt Lake on Friday afternoon.

Today was our first full day at the lake.  Ryan slept horrible.  He woke up 4 times screaming bloody murder.  He misses his crib when we are away somewhere.  I wanted to cry just listening to him scream.  He woke up everybody at the camp.  After a horrendous night, we had such a good day!  Woke up super early, had breakfast.

We went boating for a few hours.  Which was so much fun.  Everyone went tubing and swimming.  I didn't think Elyse would go tubing, she's a chicken when it comes to things like that.  But she did get on.  She didn't last long and started crying when it got a little fast.  I grew up tubing at the lake so I hope she likes it more next summer.

I got in the water, and Tim put Ryan in the water in front of me.  He did pretty well, considering it was his first time swimming and the water was a little cold.  His life jacket was funny.  He even fell asleep for a little while on the boat.

We got back to camp, ate some sandwiches, took showers, sat around in lounge chairs.  That night after dinner, the girls made s'mores and put on a talent show.

What a good day.

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