Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 322

We spent the evening with Grandma R and Kylie.  Ryan has fun playing with Kylie.  She loves him :)

At night I noticed Ryan's back was a little warm so I took his temperature.  I only have a basal thermometer and a pacifier thermometer.  Ryan won't keep the thermometer under his tongue so I stuck it in his armpit and it was 101.75!!  My baby's first fever.  Tim & I freaked out.  He looked up stuff on google and we called the on call nurse at his doctor's office.  She just told us to give him tylenol and to check on him through the night.  She said if his temp got up to 105 to take him to the ER.  105?? Seriously.  I don't think I would have even lasted to 102 without taking him in.

So he slept naked and I tried to keep his blankets off of him. I gave him some fever reducer- at 9:30 he was 100.9, at 10:30 he was 99.1, at 11:30- he was back to normal.  Thank Goodness- then I could go to sleep.  He acted normal all day- so I'm glad it wasn't really bothering him, at least he wasn't acting like it.  I hope he never gets another fever.  I was worse than he was.

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