Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 335

I put Ryan to bed at about 9:15 that night.  He actually only cried for a minute and fell right asleep!!  He doesn't like sleeping anywhere but his own crib.  I was so proud of him.  He slept all night and woke up at 8:41 the next morning!  Before I was a mom I could sleep through anything.  I actually woke up to Ryan's breathing,  because it was right at my face.  He was sleeping in the port a crib right next to the bed Tim & I were sleeping in, and he stood up when he woke up and was staring at me and his face was right next to mine!

Tim on the way to the lake, he's so handsome <3

Ryan was such a good boy today!  He had so much fun.

Hi Daddy!

Aiden & Rian came to join us.

Rian & Ryan talking.

Perfect little babies!

We have a lot more pictures, but Tim is always taking them in Raw format and I can't figure out the stinkin things!  He is driving me nuts.  He is such a camera hog.

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  1. I accidentally right clicked a picture on here and it says "no right clicking aloud" LOL aloud.

    How did you get that on here? I want that on my blog!