Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 357

I love watching Ryan play.  I've been trying to show him how to stick his shapes into the shape sorter.  I usually have to cover all the holes unless it's the right one, and he'll try so hard to shove his little shape into the hole.  He hasn't gotten it yet.  He hasn't figured out that you may need to move the shape around a little in order for it to fit.  He has one at Grandma R's house and he was able to get the circle shape into the hole.

I lined up Ryan's cars tonight and he would grab one and push it all around.  Grab another and do the same.  He loves his cars.  If he's playing cars and I take a car and ram it into his car- he giggles like it's the funniest thing.

Daddy's also been chasing him lately.  Well he always has, but now that he can walk it's so funny.  Tim will walk up the stairs and Ryan will walk over to the stairs and look up at Tim until he runs back down.  Ryan will try so hard to run away as fast as he can.  Daddy always wins though. 

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