Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 361

Last night at school we had an Open House from 6-8.  I do love Open House and seeing the kids outside of their element and meeting the parents.  But it was hard to leave my house and not get to give Ryan a bath!  Bath, milk, and snuggles before Ryan are my favorite time of day.  Not because he's going to be going to bed soon, but because I love doing it.  Before I left I told Tim not to put Ryan to bed or give him milk because I wanted to do it!  Right when I got home, I gave him his milk.  He waits for me at the ottoman because that's where I always pick him up to hold him on the rocker.  I think he likes snuggling as much as I do :)


Ryan got this toy for Christmas from Auntie Loni & it has been in one of his toy bins for a few months.  We totally forgot about it until Ryan pulled it out again a few nights ago!  He loves it & he pushing it all around.

Today #2 & Ryan got a package from Auntie Loni!  Thank you :)  Lots of new clothes for #2 and a cute little monster shirt for Bubby.  I laid them all out and Ryan had to come walk on the clothes to sit on them and play with the Desitin she sent.  The little duck jammies came from a little girl in my class.

Tim left this 2 liter on the ground and Ryan picked it up and was carrying it around.  It made me laugh.

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