Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 365

Check out Ryan's hair!  It's already so long again, especially on the sides.  He needs a haircut again and it's only been 5 weeks.  His hair grows so fast.

Labor Day weekend is now over and it's back to work tomorrow.  Tim & I had plans to go to Yuma for the weekend to go to the lake with my parents.  It didn't work out the way we wanted so we were a little bummed about that.   We did get to spend 3 days together though, which is always nice.  We also had 3 days where we slept til 10am.

Two nights ago, Tim & I went through my blog and we're reading different entries and looking at pictures.  It's so nice to have the memories written down.  We remembered some things we had forgotten about and laughed at others.  I think back to the first day I started writing in here.  I still remember the day, and I can remember the picture of Ryan I posted.  Ryan & I were laying in bed playing, he was wearing his wrist rattles, and he fell asleep in the middle of playing.  He was so little.  A year later, he's still my baby.

I did okay writing in this blog for a year straight.  Sure, I cheated 98% of the time and had to back date some entries, so what?  I still took a picture (almost) everyday.  This year(+2.5 months) has been nothing short of amazing, being a mom, and becoming parents with Tim.  I have loved watching Tim be a daddy to Ryan.  He does just as much for Ryan as I do, which I am SO thankful for.  He takes just as good care of him as I do too, which I would never admit to him ;)  Sure- sometimes he puts him down a little later for a nap or feeds him different things than I would, but dads aren't moms and moms aren't dads.  I am so blessed.

I'll still write in here, just not everyday. 

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