Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jakey Baby.. 5 months!

My sweet little Jakey Baby.  Okay- he definitely isn't always sweet.  He's only sweet about half the time, the half that he's being held. ;)  Just kiddding.  He is a sweet little baby.  Here are some pictures I forgot to post!  These are from his 4m pictures we took at the park (taken 5 weeks ago.)

Could he be any cuter?  No, probably not.  & I love his little orange polo with plaid shorts!  He is always sticking his hand in his mouth.  Always wanting to suck on something.  Always drooling.  Take a closer look at his little toes.  Aren't they so cute when he curls them in?  When I bathe him, I always rub at the bottom of his feet because he smiles and curls his toes under.

After we took a few pictures, I stuck him in a swing.  I didn't actually push him.  Well- I did a teeeny bit, but not really.  We tried taking a picture of Ryan and Jakey.  Ryan's actually in the swing next to him in this picture, but Ryan started crying.  I always see so many cute pictures of babies sitting in swings and just have a full on belly laugh.  Not Ryan.  He makes this awful terrified face and his body literally cringes.  I try to put him in everytime we go to the park but he just HATES the swing!

Here's a picture of Jakey that my friend, Nica, took when we went to Phoenix.

I had to take this picture too.  I had Jake laying in the opposite direction and he wiggled his little body in a 180 degree turn.  Does anyone remember the first time Ryan rolled around like that?  I posted it on here during my 365 pictures- he was in his crib.  I found it awhile back but I'm too lazy to go searching for it now.


Nothing new really to report on Jakey for his 5 month update.  He is starting to sit (supported.)  He will sit unsupported for a few seconds and then topple over. 

He is an awful sleeper.  That's what I get though because Ryan's always been the best sleeper.  Jakey did sleep through the night 2 nights in a row though.  On the morning of May 8- Jakey slept from 7:30-4:30am.  9 hours!  That night he slept from 8:15 - 6:15am.  His only two nights of sleeping through the night.  He is back to waking up every 2-3 hours.  Oh well- I'll get over the lack of sleep.  It won't be like this for long.  One day he'll be sleeping through the night and I'll miss my little hang out buddy.

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but when Jake was 14w1d I was back to my pre pregnancy weight!  As of last weekend (almost 5 months) I'm 5lbs under my pre pregnancy weight.  No dairy is the way to go!

A last little piece of advice for mommies expecting baby #2, get them on the same nap schedule ASAP!  It makes life so much easier. 

This post was all over the place.  I need to go make some milk for Jake before he wakes up.  I'll leave you with one last picture of him with his favorite Auntie.

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  1. He looks exactly like Ryan in the picture on the mat! Love you Jakey! <3