Friday, December 20, 2013

Citrus Lane December 2013

The boys received their December Citrus Lane boxes on December 17th.  Last month they had a smokin' deal on Plum District for a 6 month subscription.  Plus Plum District had a promo code for 20% off any order, so Grandma R was sweet enough to renew the boys subscriptions for Christmas.  So both of them now have a 6 month subscription & they each cost only about $56.  Making each box less than $10!  What a great deal!  They only have these specials about once a year so we are so happy Grandma got them.

Citrus Lane is a subscription box service that is curated for children aged 0-5 years.  It's been around for a couple of years, but I didn't hear of it until last October.  Each box has 4-5 items that are designed for your child based on age and gender.. or you can select neutral when signing up.  If your little one isn't born yet, you can put your due date in when signing up.  The boxes ship from California on the 15th of each month and arrive between the 17th-22nd.  Also, the cut off date for each month is the 5th.  If you order after the 5th of the month, you will receive next month's box.

Our first box is for my 3.5 year old boy, Ryan.

1.  Handprint Wall Art from Pearhead ($9.95)
This canvas also comes with blue and pink paint, plus a paintbrush and a little tray to dip the paint in.  We've already tried using it.  I put Ryan's feet print on it, which was rather easy, and his handprint, which  was not so easy because he's a little squirmy.  These make perfect keepsakes or gifts.  Since they arrived right before Christmas, we decided to make them and give them as gifts.

2. Create-a-Craft from Melissa and Doug ($4.91- price from Amazon)
We actually got this in one of our boxes this Summer.  Ryan had a lot of fun painting and putting together this car.  Because it is something we have already received I emailed customer care and they issued a credit for this item on our account.  I offered to mail it back and exchange it, but I'll just regift this.

3. Snuggly Lotion from Episencial (About $5)
We have gotten some of their lotion in the past, and I do love it.  I use it for myself way more than I use it on my kids.  I have extremely dry skin in the winter and this stuff really helps my dry, cracked skin.  Plus it has a nice scent to it too.  I have very sensitive skin and a lot of lotion irritates or burns my skins, but this stuff is awesome. 

4. Robot Watch from Crocodile Creek($12.99)
This was Ryan's favorite item in the box.  It's small enough for his little wrist, but will also grow with him as he gets bigger.  He had to put it on right away and kept looking at it and saying "It's 6 o'clock momma!" I think it made him feel grown up!

The total value of Ryan's box was $32.93, which is a great deal with what we paid. However, it's only about $8 more than the monthly subscription.

Now on to the second box, which is for a 2 year old boy

Jake also received the 
1.Snuggly Lotion from Episencial ($5.00)
2. Handprint Wall Art from Pearhead ($9.95)

3. I Took the Moon for a Walk from Bearfoot Books ($7.99)
You can never go wrong with books in this house!  Except for all the bookshelves in the rooms are filled with books, I am running out of room to play them.  Both of my boys will sit and listen to me read books, especially my 3 year old.  When googling this book, I also found activities that go along with it.  Which means I'll be able to take this book to work and read it to my 2nd graders.

4.  Rainbow Stacker from Melissa and Doug($7.99)
My [almost] 2 year old loved this toy!  Which I knew he was, he has another stacker that is similar and he will sit and play with it for quite a while.  It's made from wood and is very durable.  A few people on the Citrus Lane Facebook toy thought their child was too old for this, but my 3.5 year old will play with it too!

The retail value of the 2 year old box was about $31.00, which isn't a high value box either.

While the boys enjoyed their Citrus Lane boxes, it was not my favorite month.  But the boys love them and that's what matters! Do you get Citrus Lane for your little one?  Share the link with me so I can read your review.. I love reading subscription box reviews.

Want to give Citrus Lane a try for your little one.. use my link to sign up and get $10 off your box.  When you sign up through my link it also gives me a $10 credit so I can keep getting these boxes for my little ones as well!

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