Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jake's Second Birthday & Party

We had Jake's second birthday party on Dec 28.  I didn't want to do anything big, we just had a small party at our home with family.  My parents and my niece, Haley came into town the night before.  My parents helped me shop for the decorations and all the food.

Jake's second birthday was themed "dinosaurs."  We had cupcakes, mud cups, sandwiches, grapes, lemonade, deviled (dino) eggs, veggie tray, and water.  & if anyone ever reads this and knows how to put pictures in a little picture collage on the computer- please let me know.  I only know how to do it on my phone for instagram.

Check out Jake's cute birthday shirt that I ordered on Etsy.

His party was even smaller than planned, one family was out of town, another friend was sick, and my grandparents weren't able to make it.  So it was just My parents, my niece- Haley, Tim's mom, my sister in law and her husband, and my brother in law and his family.  & of course, us.  Jake and Ryan didn't seem to mind- they had so much fun with all the goodies and the presents.  Jake was probably stoked and he had just opened all of his Christmas presents three days prior.

My babies & their Grandma- Tim's mom.

My babies and their parents.  Doesn't Jakey look so happy?!

My sweet family <3

Taking it all in while everyone sings him "Happy Birthday."  I think this might be the best part of my kids birthdays, watching their expressions while everyone sings to them.

& Jake's first time blowing out his own candles!  I wonder what he wished for.

Their favorite present!  More cars and an awesome track.

2 days after Jakey's birthday party was his actual second birthday.  We had to have a fun filled day for his birthday too.  We all went to breakfast at Dennys.  I had a coupon for their, but that was an awful mistake.  They were soooo slooow, which resulted in two very hungry, whiney babies.  So you can imagine how fun our breakfast was.

Afterwards we headed to the zoo!  Thank goodness for zoo memberships, we use ours all the time.  The kids LOVE the zoo.

After we left the zoo, we came home so that Jake could take a nap.  When  he woke up we took the boys to Peter Piper Pizza for pizza, games, and playing.  Jake was being a booger and not looking at me and I didn't get one good picture of him on his birthday!  Little stinker.  We made it home in time to have more cupcakes, and some more "Happy Birthday" singing before it was time for baths and bed.

After we were done Ryan said, "Ryan's turn!" so we had to sing to him too.

Jake's two year well check was 1/2 and he was 23.5lbs and 33 1/4 in.  Growing bigger every day!

You're officially two, little man.  & I hope momma was able to make your birthday extra special.  You sure are a special little guy who brings so much love into our home. 

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