Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 75

Ryan could not stop playing with his toes today when we were going for our walk!

Life with Ryan is getting so much easier now that he is bigger.  Well- it's always been pretty easy.   He has always been a good baby with only a handful of bad days.  He has ALWAYS slept at night.  No random 1am playtimes.

Bed time has become more predictable.  I started Ryan off w/ a bedtime routine at 1 month old.  Bath every night, lotion, jammies, snuggle time, nurse, and sleep.  His bath was at 7:30 and he would fall asleep around 9-9:30.   About a month ago, I moved his bathtime to 6:30-6:45 because he has been getting tired earlier.  Now it's bathtime, lotion, jammies, snuggle, nurse- & I lay him in his crib at 7:45.  I put a pacifier in his mouth, his blanket, Bluey, on him, turn on his mobile and he's sleeping by 8.  No problems at all.  We named his blanket Bluey because his big sister has a green afghan named "Greeny" and a pink one named "Pinky."  Since Ryan's afghan is blue, we figured "Bluey" fit perfectly.

I talked to my best friend about a nap schedule this weekend.  & I decided that Ryan needs to be on a nap schedule.  Sometimes when he is with other people- he does not nap!  So today was day one.  I got home early (Wednesday is early out day!)  I noticed Ryan was a little sleepy at 3:30 so I nursed him & layed him in his crib.  He whined for a second so I went in and played w/ his hair & left.  About 5 minutes later I still hadn't heard anything and he was already sleeping.  Which was nice, because Mommy got a nap too!  I woke up at 5:30 and I checked on Ryan.  I hadn't heard anything on his monitor.  He was wide awake playing with his blanket.  He sure does love his blanket.

Now that I have bedtime down.  It's time to start working on a nap schedule.

Every single day, I truly am enjoying being a mother more and more and more.  & everyday, I think how it can't possibly get any better- & it always does.

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  1. It made me laugh that he was wide awake playing with his blanket. He's so cute and you're such a good Mom, I love you both soo much!