Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have used Shutterfly for many, many years, since high school days.   They always have amazing deals when you sign up.  They are always emailing me their special promos, and codes for buy one get one free deals, and free pictures.  I have used and made many different products that they have.

Last Christmas, my mother in law made us a wall calendar of all of our wedding pictures.  It is absolutely gorgeous and the picture quality is amazing.

I have also made 2 different photo books.  I made one for my best friend as a Christmas present 2 years ago- all pictures of her newborn baby boy at the time.  The second one I made is a book of our summer with our daughter, Elyse.  Elyse loves to look at her book when she is here in Tucson.

I have made cards on shutterfly as well.  My husband, Tim, used to live in a different city as me.  I made him a card containing pictures of us & they were able to mail it directly to him.

I made Ryan's birth announcements at Shutterfly also.  & the timing was perfect, because I had just recieved an email from Shutterfly, with a code for 20 free birth announcements!

I highly recommend this website to everyone!  Their website is really easy to navigate through and uploading pictures is so easy.  Plus- lots of great ideas for Christmas presents!!  They also have holiday cards in!  There are over 200 different cards to choose from.  I am really looking forward to showing off Ryan this year on Christmas cards!  Currently, Shutterfly is having an amazing deal.  Blog about how awesome they are- and you can get 50 holiday cards for FREE!.  GO HERE!

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