Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 191

Ryan always drinks his bottle laying down.  He looked funny trying to drink it sitting up, he doesn't know how!  I'm not a fan of feeding my baby while he is just laying by himself.  I like to snuggle.

I think I take a picture of him every night while he drinks his bottle in the boppy.  He just looks so sweet.  I'm always staring at him.  Tonight after he fell asleep I just held him & loved on him & smelled his smell.  It's emotionally overwhelming holding him when he is sleeping in my arms.

About the Boppy- I did NOT buy Ryan a boppy.  I bought this nursing pillow @ Joann Fabrics w/ a 40% off coupon and it came out to like $8.  Then I bought the fabric & my mom picked out two other fabrics.  She made me the covers for it with a pattern that was on the back of the plastic that the pillow was wrapped in.  I don't see how people can buy a PILLOW for $30+ and the slipcovers for like $15-$20.  Crazy people.  I am SUCH a bargain shopper.


  1. I never laid my babies down with their bottles, I think that's why Aiden still wants me to hold him while he drinks his milk.

    I got my Boppy with a cover at Ross for $15!

  2. Bahaahha, I said that too and then I went and bought one at Target. Stupid because I never used it, I always hold Harper too unless she is mad at me which seems to happen more frequently these days!

  3. I used mine a loooot when I was exclusively nursing. I always thought the boppy was one of the best things ever. I would just wrap it around me, put Ryan on it, and eat & get online. Especially when he wasn't sleeping through the night- I would have fallen asleep nursing without my laptop.

    Now I use it at night to put Ryan in it while he drinks his bottle and I use my breast pump. Sometimes Tim uses it as a pillow!

    But I love to snuggle Ryan while he eats. If I have to put him down for a second- he just looks to precious to not pick back up.

  4. Heeey for our cheap "boppys"! I actually bought the waterproof boppy brand covers to go on my cheap pillow and they fit the same. Kathy made my covers and I bought one at target once too! I love ryan, hes so cute. I want to feed him a bottle!

  5. Steven uses it too! The babies don't anymore but I still keep it in the living room because Steven thinks its so comfortable.