Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 190

When I went to pick Ryan up after work.  I was reading Tim's baby book & he tried homemade spaghetti for the first time at 8m.  So, I decided that I wanted Ryan to try spaghetti too!  - But not homemade, Beech-Nut stage 3.  I'm too nervous to give Ryan any real food.  I like him eating baby food.  Daddy was so excited to watch as well, he loves spaghetti.  Tonight was also the first time I let Ryan play in his food.  I always keep him nice and clean.  After he was done with his spaghetti- I put a little glob on his tray.  Which he LOVED.  He was smearing it, picking it up, moving it with his fingers,  It got all ove the entire tray.  I love just watching him learn new things.  It was so cute to watch him try and pick up the little pieces with his fingers.  He's so sweet :)

Ryan's first pair of 6-9 stretchies!  I LOVE Children's Place pajamas.  They are my favorite.  I just washed his new clothes last night and was so excited to put these jammies on him.  They look so cute.

I spent a lot of time today just staring at Ryan.  He is pretty much perfect.

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  1. I love those jammies! I did the same thing today, stared at Rian for so long and thought about how perfect she is. :)